Review: Redemption by Veronique Launier

Title: Redemption
Author: Veronique Launier
Published: September 8th 2012 by Flux
ISBN: 0738730742
Links: Goodreads
Received: Received on Netgalley
Rating: 5 of 5

Guillaume: For five hundred years I’ve existed as a gargoyle. Perched atop an old Montreal church, I’ve watched idly as humanity wanders by. With the witch Marguerite gone, there is no one left to protect, nothing to care about. I never planned to feel again. But then a girl released me from my stone restraints, allowing me to return as a seventeen-year-old human boy. I must find out all I can about this girl’s power…

Aude: Getting attacked twice in as many days is strange in itself, but even stranger is the intriguing guy I keep running into. There’s something so familiar about him, like a primal drum rhythm from my dreams. But spending time together only raises more questions—about my heritage, a native Mohawk prophecy… and an unearthly magic threatening our city…

My Thoughts:
It takes place in Canada, yay!

When I began this book I thought, it’s good, and then I got to Aude’s POV and was like, uh oh. The author made a very bold move with the writing style. Guillaume’s POV is told in past tense, where as Aude’s POV is told in present tense. I wouldn’t be able to survive keeping that straight and so I spent most of the book looking for instances where the tense was wrong. The verdict: Veronique did NOT slip up!

I also enjoyed the story too. These four gargoyles are remade into humans by Aude because she’s an essentialist, basically a witch who can make them immortal. The story follows Guillaume and Aude who have a weird romantic relationship. He’s a bit stalker boy and she’s a bit off men forever because of her mother’s less than discreet taste in relationships. Guillaume does everything he can to win her over but it doesn’t work and because of that they stick more to the mystery of how she managed to give these four guys enough essence to make them human again.

Aude is also in a band, and loves guitars. Guillaume is trying to get used to a much different Montreal. He’s also mourning the loss of his friend Garnier’s lover Margaret. Through some sleuthing and genealogy, they find out that Aude is a descendant of Margaret and that’s how she’s an essentialist.

Launier is a fantastic write who gave details where they were needed and gave us spot on dialogue when it mattered most. She explained her metaphysical theories well, and I’m glad she did her homework. Gargoyles are different, done right they can be very awesome, done wrong they can be a disaster.

What I liked most about this book was Aude, she’s a very believable and real character that jumps off the pages. I love that she’s as quirky as Lola in Lola and the Boy Next Door, but also adventurous like Lena from the Castor Chronicles. All in all I think everyone who wants a paranormal romance back dropped by Montreal architecture and French culture, should read this book.