REVIEW: Plus One by Elizabeth Fama

Hands down the best dystopian book I have ever read.

I know this is saying a lot considering The Hunger Games, Divergent, Delirium, Halo, Blood Red Road, The Giver, etc, but it’s true. Elizabeth Fama has created the first believable dystopian I have read.

Soleil lives in a world where in many countries they have divided the population into Night and Day. Strict restrictions guard each of the factions with the Day people being favored over the Night people, the smudges. Soleil is sadly a smudge, only allowed outside after dark, to do the same things other people do during the day.

The system works because it’s something that could happen to our society. Not every country on the planet has been abolished, Japan doesn’t have the Day/Night system, and transfers from Night to Day take place depending on what your position in work and the government are.

It makes sense because there’s less traffic on the subway, more productivity in factories where before there might only be one person on the night shift, now there’s a full crew. It helped countries get out of the economic slump and begin to solve their debts.

Soleil is about as normal as they come, and I love how the elements of a poverty imprisoned youth collide with a seemingly privileged doctor, Day Boy for lack of a better term (he has a name but I can’t remember it) is exactly what you’d expect from an intern trying not to piss off the powers that be to get his sanctioned scholarships and set on a good path in life.

It’s amazing how realistic Elizabeth Fama has made Plus One that it’s sometimes hard to believe it’s dystopian. I’d have to call it dystopian contemporary because the elements in the book besides the romance between Sol and Day Boy is obvious, the medical procedures, kidnappings, and cancer are all things that make this book very contemporary.

Do yourself a favor and get this one when it comes out. Elizabeth Fama has succeeded in being just like Katie McGarry when creating her characters, and as creative and out of this world as Frankie Rose with her world building. You will not regret picking this one up.


P.S. I got this book off NetGalley in exchange for an honest review