Review: Dark Companion by Marta Costa

Title: Dark Companion
Author: Marta Costa
Publication: July 3rd 2012 by Tor/Macmillan
Received: Received on Netgalley
Links: Goodreads
Rating: 1 out of 5

Blurb: When foster teen Jane Williams is invited to attend elite Birch Grove Academy for Girls and escape her violent urban neighborhood, she thinks the offer is too good to be true. She’s even offered her own living quarters, the groundskeeper’s cottage in the center of the birch grove. Something’s not quite right about the school — or is it Jane?

My thoughts: It’s Jane. There’s definitely something not right with Jane. I tried to like this book. The prologue was absolutely gorgeous, the writing drew me in and had me cheering for the potential in this book. And then I got to the first chapter, which begins with Jane slamming out of the foster home. There’s a lot of cheesy dialogue between Jane and her foster mother, things like, “Don’t you put on airs with me! Your fancy book-learning and phony manners might fool others.” and “When I’m older, I’ll make sure your license is revoked.” It was all way too much for a first scene, all of this language coming out of left field too because really, who talks like that anymore?

I got frustrated with it and tried to get to a part that actually made sense, but the next scene involved Jane talking to a Goth girl in a junkyard next to a crack house.

That’s when I checked out. I know Jane is going to find some prep school and will find out that the headmistress is killing people, and there’s something supernatural going on (I read part of the end but was just confused by what was going on) but I’m not interested. I suppose we’ll call this one a DNF.