Review: Dare You To by Katie McGarry

After reading Pushing The Limits I was hooked to Katie McGarry’s writing style. I read Pushing The Limits in two days, and while Dare You To took me a little longer it was definitely not because I wanted to. Things like work kept getting in the way and I kept having to put it down when I didn’t want to.

Dare You To happens after Pushing The Limits, but it’s not about Noah and Echo. This book is about Beth, and the horrible life she’s had to endure. This book is much stronger, more edgy, and resembles real life situations in a scary accurate way.

Without giving away the plot too much, Beth used to like getting drunk and high with Noah and Isaiah. She lived with both boys at her aunt’s house until something bad happens to her mom and custody of Beth goes to her Uncle Scott. Beth is forced to move from Louisville to Groveton where she used to go to elementary school. She doesn’t expect the kids to remember her, but they do. To make matters worse, there’s Ryan, all star baseball pitcher who keeps annoying her.

To be honest, I thought Isaiah and Beth were a better match, despite him being wrong for her. Ryan was good, but he was all american good, and too shiny. This isn’t really a book about a straight laced guy saving a girl whose fallen off the rails in her life. It’s actually the other way around. Beth ends up showing Ryan a different side to life that baseball and listening to his parents can’t give him. Beth pushes him to do things he’d never do. Yes, they dare each other to do things but that dare game started long ago between Ryan and his friends.

It’s so hard to explain in a review why this book is so good, but once you’re reading it you’ll understand. McGarry is effortless in her descriptions, dialogue, and plot. She paints her characters with such simple brushstrokes that while you can see what makes them stereotypical, you can also see where they bleed between the lines. Beth is no cookie cutter badass girl from the wrong side. At times she’s insecure, and skeptical. Ryan isn’t just great at baseball, he’s not your typical jock. Sometimes he’s got deep emotions.

It’s all of these things that make the words jump off the page and attack you. It makes it a very hard book to put down and one I constantly found myself going back to even when I was supposed to be doing other things.

Read this one, I dare you to.


P.S. I received this book off netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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