REVIEW: Crash Into You by Katie McGarry

O Hai,

Long time since I’ve reviewed a book, but it’s always that NetGalley policy thing chewing at me, reminding me that because Harlequin let me read Katie’s new book for free, I should probably say something about it on my blog.
And I’m lost for words. 
Katie has mad skills, a way with words, scenarios, and characters. Her characters leap off the pages and strangle you with their personalities. She can flip from messed up kid to jock to private school girl with disorder, you name it, she can peg that character 100% and let it breathe through the pages. 
Which is why I read her books. 
This one . . . well this one got me around 22% and from there on the emotional roller coaster of this read did not let go. I’m lucky that work today was a bit crap because otherwise I might find myself in trouble for reading while ahem, I should have been answering e-mails or ahem editing my book, oops. 
Katie’s books have a way of keeping me sane when I’m feeling like the world around me is chaos. I know it’s weird because her books are often full of chaos. She’s no stranger to social services or the system, and she understands a ton about the different familial situations people can end up in.
I have to say that I also respect her for her knowledge of drag racing, for experiencing it first hand and for emerging herself in that world completely. I think that any author that does intense research for a book is one that’s worth all the hours it took to read her book. Which were not much, I think I clocked out at about 5 hours, lol, not quite 6.94 seconds on an eighth strip, but I enjoyed the ride.
Looking forward to what Katie does with the next book . . . about West. 
Crash Into You hits November 26th and I suggest you loyal fans go get yourself a copy!

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