REVIEW: Blood and Spirits by Dennis Sharpe

Blood & Spirits (The Coming Storm)

The Blurb: Small-town life can be hard for a dead girl…

For Veronica Fischer the night to night life of a bloodsucking madam in Middle America is tough enough before she adopts Rachel Gregory, an eight year old ghost.

After her house is set on fire, and Rachel disappears, all signs point to foul play. When she finds herself with a hit out on her unlife, and warrants for her arrest, it becomes clear she’s going to need help.

Now she has to contend with horny zombies, violent spirits, and murderous grave robbers if she’s ever going to find Rachel and discover the awful truth of the coming storm.

A raucous ride through the dangerous lives of the lecherous undead.

The Short Stick: Cynical, Raunchy, Adult Urban Fantasy. This is not the kind of book you bring home to mamma.

The Goods: The characters, especially Veronica, were explosive. They just jump off the page and attack you and pretty much leave you wanting more of their usual cynical, snide, small town hickery that you’ve come to love. I also thought that the plot was well worked out. I mean it’s part detective book, part urban fantasy and all curves. Interesting twist on vampires and ghosts and zombies really. Although I’d like to think less about the zombies, and the sewers for that matter. The farther away from a sewer I can be after this book, the better. Sharpe / Witless Lackey has a gift. He’s very gifted in writing the most disturbing sex scene you’ll ever read. He’ll also make your skin crawl, and not in a good way.

The Not So Goods: The shifts from third person to first person bugged me. At first I didn’t notice and then I did and then it bothered me. I try not to be nit picky about the writing style because let’s face it, his style is quite good, very vivid and rough, as with the style of the characters, but there were some spelling and grammar errors. Hard for an Indie Author to catch them all so I forgive you. Dennis has not met the copy and editing police, not yet at least.

Rating: 4/5

Other Stuff:
Pinnochio Factor: Pass, they were very real.
Bella Swan Factor: Pass, loved Veronica and how sassy she was!
Jace Factor: Fail, I don’t think Frank counts as hot.
Primrose Factor: Pass, nothing we weren’t expecting to lose.
Potter Factor: Pass, I don’t think anyone would have gone there, ever.
Cheese Factor: Pass, the cop stuff was a little cheesy but it fit the characters.
Bible Factor: Pass, there was no religion!
Temperature: 40 degrees, once again, disturbing sex scene.

Recommendation: Read it if you want something grungy, edgy and intense. Skip it if you have a weak stomach.