THE FOLLOWING BOOKS HAVE BEEN RELEASED IN PAPERBACK AND ON KINDLE (exclusively) (also click this to be taken to where ALL my books are) 

The rest of this post is inconsequential.

In November I unfriended over 400 people on Facebook because I’m an introvert and I have issues.

At the time I really needed a vacation. I was sick of working my ass off, sick of everyone and everything. 
No seriously, I wanted everyone to leave me alone.
December became massed in work not being done and me catching up on all the shows I had missed. 

January came and we took the kids to Disney . . . and we didn’t really want to leave, but we did . . . because we had to.

And that’s really when all the crazy hit us. I honestly believed the worst was over, and that I’d go on a vacation and come back rested and go back to doing things I loved doing . . . I was wrong. 
In the interest of keeping my sanity, the whole telling the world to read my books thing became the least important thing in my life. 

And despite that whole, wanting to stick to my new year’s resolutions and lose weight, write songs, and learn to play the guitar, my attention was averted. No play time for me.

And now that I’m almost through all the hard stuff, I’m about ready to get back to people reading my books and jumping for joy over the number of fans I’ve gotten by doing everything wrong.

And because I’ve been wallowing in this hole of despair trying to put my life back on track, and also because I love my fans so much, I’ve released VULTURE and the omnibus of The Untold Stories all at once, both in paperback and kindle versions. I’m taking everything but SURRENDER back to KDP Select because Smashwords hasn’t paid me (not once since I began using their services.) and I’m concerned.

In case you didn’t hear it the first time, I HAVE UNLEASHED THE KRAKEN! Erm, I mean the books! The books are out and you can read them! (Seriously go read them.) 

I’ll be doing things I love again including but not limited to: writing, reading minds, burning dinner, singing karaoke, going to movie with my kids, songwriting, guitar playing, event organizing, editing, beta reading, blogging, and consulting.

And in case you were wondering about those issues of mine, here’s #72.

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  • Ayinedollah says:

    Thank you for your incredible service when you were going through such a hard time. Your above post seemed to be one of catharsis. I really hope the cruise control is engaged for the upcoming next month re; all of your changes, and that all falls into place and that you and your family move forward with ease. Thanks again for your service…..and yes, I WILL read your books one day. Good luck,

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