Preview: Delirium by Lauren Oliver

The publisher has declined my request to read Delirium twice.

Fortunately, a little birdie gave me this link. I don’t think the regulators will notice if you sneak a peak. Although, reading it will completely infect you with amor deliria nervosa. I think that might ruin your chances of getting a high score on your evaluation.

Either way, it will probably change the way you see the world, in a sad sort of “Wow I hope we never end up that way” kind of way. You’ll probably be aching for more than the 90 pages I managed to read in 90 minutes and no doubt will be itching to devour a copy in under two days.

Now, I know this book is getting a lot of hype and I can see why, it’ll no doubt be one of the best books of 2011. To it’s credit though, you will not expect some of the subtle twists and turns Oliver has added to the world building that makes it seem effortless and beautiful. Yes, sometimes you can read about topics that might in other contexts seem contrite and boring, but, being cured of love? That’s never been done. And it’s never been immortalized in fiction. Until now.

I highly doubt we’ll ever find a cure for Lauren Oliver’s writing style, and frankly, I’m okay to be an Invalid in the Wilds infecting you all with her literature.

Enjoy your preview!



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