Potter-Thon, EBook Tours, and a million other things

My headphones chose the wrong time to die.

In lieu of that I need to let you all know that I’ll be doing too many things this month because I’m a masochist like that and this is what you can be looking forward to on my blog.


Lori over at Pure Imagination decided that January 2011 would be a good time for us to read or reread The Harry Potter series. My critique partner Natasha was doing it in December before her big trip to Orlando to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (which I visited last August, 2010, amazing experience) and since I have only read the first book and the last book I have actually had the books on my TBR list for awhile. So huzzah! I will be posting Potter things all month. Also decided to do a movie marathon between Jan. 9th and 14th and will blog about that as well!

E-Book Tours:

Theresa over at Fade Into Fantasy has begun Book Lovin Bitches EBook Tours! I will be participating as both an author and a reviewer and I’m hoping that something will get off the ground in January! The basic idea is that there are plenty of great authors publishing in Ebook Format only, and a lot of Indie Authors doing the same thing. There are also a lot of hopefuls with books in PDF format that simply want reviews. I would be the latter at this point, but you never know when or how something will bite. So this is a new journey for me!

Books I’m Reviewing:

The Hawk and his Boy by C.H. Bunns
Darklight by Lesley Livingston
Harry Potter 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

And I hope to add to that list this month as well.

Books in Progress:

Warrior is almost finished, I expect to have it done by tomorrow if I can get my butt in gear tonight and finish Chapter 21, then all that is left are the last 2 stunning chapters which I am so looking forward to writing. Currently I am gaping at these page estimates I made and thinking, it’s really not going to take that long, so we shall see how many pages I turn out. I have already cracked 100,000 words for this book and unless I want this book to look at ugly as Joan Rivers face, I won’t be going over 120,000 words. That literally gives me less than 10,000 words to work with and 3 chapters to go. Wish me luck!

Other News:

I have clients coming to visit me! I met Liati and Zahi early 2010 when she contacted me on Live Person and asked for my help. A year of healing later and she is making the journey all the way from Israel to Canada to meet me! We’ll be spending two weeks together in the brisk cold of the Canadian Winter and I’ll be sharing with her some of my inherit Canadianness. If I have failed to mention it, I am a patriotic Canadian. (I AM CANADIAN) and I absolutely love Canada.

That is all for now, my headphones have been charged and I am ready to start rip roaring through these battle scenes like a banshee out of a forbidden hollow!


P.S. On my grooveshark: I caught myself by Paramore. The same song I listened to 80 times over when I finished Surrender. Coincidence? I think not.

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