PLAYLIST: Flame of the Apocalypse

Hey there!

I thought I ought to post some videos to songs that helped me during the writing process. If you’re another aspiring writer you know when you find that song that helps you write heaps and heaps and so you throw it on repeat for um, HOURS until the song wears off.

I do this with all my books!

1) Runaway – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

This song was played a lot BEFORE I wrote Flame of the Apocalypse. It was during that time I was afraid of writing this third book because I knew what would happen in it.

2) Rolling in the Deep by Adele

This was a weird song choice for me, but it was all about one line, “We almost had it all” and that’s why I listened to it to get pumped up when writing the first bits of this books.

3) Someone like you by Adele

This is my new theme song for the whole series, not the first stanza but the rest of the song. And if you read the books you’ll know why it relates to the book.

4) Lovesong by Adele

This one made my writing like gold. It was like all the good words came to me when I listened to this song, and I found it much easier to put my thoughts down on paper.

5) One and Only by Adele

I listened to this one mostly in the car after my kids learned the words to Someone Like You and began singing along when I’d play it. Um, I can sing, but my kids are tone deaf. I loved this because of where I’m going with the series.

6) Help is on the Way by Rise Against

During most of the last chapters of the book. I loved this song because of some of the lyrics, “We were told, just to sit tight because somebody will soon arrive, help is on the way, but it never came.”

7) Pyro by Kings of Leon

During that time when I was trying to finish the book and keep my sanity, and find something else to inspire me, Kings of Leon were there. “I don’t wanna be a cornerstone.”

8) Touched by VAST

An older song that I soundhounded off a show. I do that a lot to find my songs, and this one helped me through a lot of the transitions in the book, the boring scenes as you might call them.

9) White Blank Page by Mumford & Sons

All time favorite song that I wrote all the kissy / sexy scenes to. I like it’s authenticity.

10) I Gave You All by Mumford & Sons

To change it yup I played this with White Blank Page while writing a lot of those scenes between Kaliel and Krishani.

11) Black Balloon by Goo Goo Dolls

And then it was back to more throwbacks because I kept getting bored and couldn’t stick to one song, it was giving me headaches!

12) Slide by Goo Goo Dolls

This was also another instrumental song. It’s really super hard to make yourself sad when writing a book and frankly, for this one, I had to be sad. You’ll understand why when I finally release this book.

13) Rabbit Heart by Florence and the Machine

Ahh and last of my favorites, this came as recommended by a friend and I used it to write a scene or two. Very Alice in Wonderland.

And it won’t let me embed it, so go listen here:

And that was it, there were a few others, but none that stand out as much as Help is on the Way, and Someone Like You.