PAIN: What do you do when your WiP hurts you?

I’ve read some pretty heavy books in my time. The Hunger Games trilogy, The Wolves of Mercy Falls, The Mortal Instruments, Delirium, just to name a few.

I wonder what authors do when they get to that really bad part in their books. I know they see it coming, I know they know they have to go through it, because the dismal stuff sells, but how do they deal with it?

What about you? How do you deal with it when you’ve reached a patch of badness in your books? How do you resist the urge to make something happy happen?

At the moment I’m not having much luck . . . this first draft is killing me.


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  • Edward L Cote says:

    I will be working on the second book of Violet Skies next month. It is darker and meaner than the first. I will just have to remember that none of that is arbitrary and that it does get better for Taya and her friends.

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