New Year’s Eve Giveaway! ($50.00 Amazon GC, Books, Posters, Bookmarks)

It feels like it’s been forever since I had a giveaway and so I decided to throw in EVERYTHING I had for this one!

I also thought it would be a great way to celebrate the new year! Happy New Year’s Eve everyone!

So, in the spirit of New Year’s, when you leave me a comment, please answer this question:

What is your New Year’s Resolution for 2012?

That’s it! I’ll be nice and post mine first so you can see that I’m really not reading high at all.

1) Finish editing Flame of Justice so people can actually read it.
2) Write Flame of the Beginning and Flame of Forgiveness
3) Write Fable the Brave, prequel to Fable the Immortal
4) Go to Dragoncon in Atlanta, GA
5) Go to Europe (I’ve never been overseas)

Those are mine, so what are yours!?

OH yeah and now for the giveaway stuff right . . .

The Goodies:

1 $50.00 Gift Card for Amazon
1 ARC of Flame of Surrender (the unedited version, it’s signed and will be personalized for the winner)
1 Poster of the cover of Flame of Surrender (I’ll have to fold it to ship it, but it’s pretty nonetheless)
4 Copies of Integrated Intuition (The First Editions actually, they’re in my closet still)
100 Signed Bookmarks (yeah so if you enter the giveaway you’re at least getting a bookmark!)

How to Enter:
1) Follow my blog. There’s a button on the left sidebar where you can do that.
2) Leave a comment with your e-mail addy.
3) Tweet about it.
4) Like my new Facebook page
5) Follow me on Twitter @RhiannonPaille if you don’t already.
6) Buy a copy of Integrated Intuition on Amazon: CLICK HERE
7) “Like and Tag” Go to the pages for both Integrated Intuition and Flame of Surrender and hit the “like” buttons, then scroll down to where it says “Tags” and agree to the tags.

Those last two will get you extra entries!

I’ll be drawing the winners on January 1st!


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Comments ( 30 )

  • Chrystal says:

    My New Year&#39;s Resolutions are: <br />-to do things to create a happier me (I&#39;ve been awfully negative this year)<br />-stress less<br />-read more<br />-have FUN!<br /><br />I&#39;m too serious of a person most of the time and it&#39;s taking it&#39;s toll. So the new year is about making me happier and healthier. :)

  • amandawk says:

    I would like to procrastinate less and stress less.<br />amandarwest atgmaildotcom

  • Gi-Gi says:

    My New Year&#39;s Resolutions are<br />1.) Eat healthier<br />2.) Read more<br />3.) Stop procrastinating<br />4.) Spend more time with friends<br />5.) Spend more time outside then in my house<br /><br />rottinawayxP(at)yahoo(dot)com

  • Holly says:

    Every year I make resolutions and so far I only stuck with one this year. I read over 50 books this year. Yay! :) My goal for next year though is to lose weight before a wedding in June. Oh and read more books! Thanks so much for the chance to win :) <br /><br />[email protected]

  • Tiffany Drew says:

    I never make resolutions, but I am going to this year. I really need to get my health under control so I am making it my resolution to get my butt to the doctor to find out the best plan of attack on this body of mine!

  • Patrice says:

    Read more and watch less dumb tv shows<br /><br />[email protected]

  • Julie W says:

    My first resolution is to spend more time reading books that are on my TBR list, in between review books! I also want to start exercising and quit smoking, but I think I&#39;ll have a better chance with #1!! Thanks so much for the giveaway:)<br />jwitt33 at live dot com

  • TayteH says:

    Read more, and to finish writing the book I started. :D<br />thanks!<br />[email protected]

  • buddyt says:

    A long time ago I got fed up with myself for always making New Years Resolutions and never sticking to them for very long, so I made a new one I was DETERMINED to observe.<br /><br />This was &quot; I will never make a New Years Resolution again&quot;.<br /><br />I am happy to report that I have stuck to it ever since !<br /><br />Thanks for the giveaway.<br /><br />Carol T<br /><br />buddytho {

  • marybelle says:

    I don&#39;t make New Years resolutions. That way I can&#39;t break them.<br /><br />GFC: Mary Preston<br /><br />marypres(AT)gmail(DOT)com

  • Onge says:

    I want to read more, but only read 3 books max at a time. I also want to find a career, not just a job. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  • Lisa Richards/alterlisa says:

    I don&#39;t really do resolutions, but if I must, to write my reviews on a more timely basis.

  • ebaker says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! I really don&#39;t have any resolutions but I could put pay more attention to my husband and stop reading as much! That&#39;s what he would want me to put!<br />e(dot)baker219(at)gmail(dot)com

  • Catherine Agnes says:

    My resolution is to become a better cook. <br /><br />[email protected]

  • Tara says:

    My resolution is to organize our extra bedroom which is filled with storage type stuff. I&#39;d also like to read 100 books this upcoming year! <br /><br />TaraTagli at gmail dot com

  • Gabbie says:

    My 2012 New Year Resolutions? <br />To be more social,<br />To get more things done that I said I would do but usually don&#39;t end up doing,<br />To stick to my New Years Resolutions.<br /><br />Gabbie-ethela AT hotmail DOT com

  • Book Love 101 says:

    Wow! This is my first time using the new Rafflecopter form. It&#39;s definitely different? lol!

  • Lynda Del. says:

    My New Year&#39;s Resolutions are<br />To get fit and healthy<br />finish getting out of debt<br />manage my time better<br /><br />lyndadawinda1074 at yahoo dot com

  • Krystal Larson says:

    My new years resolution would be to study an hour longer.

  • KindleObsessed says:

    My new years resolution….<br /><br />To clean up my &quot;personal&quot; TBR!<br /><br />I have so many books in my review que that I barely have time for myself. I&#39;m gonna fix that in 2012!<br /><br />[email protected]

  • Llehn says:

    My new year resolutions are to read more than I did this year and to exercise more.<br /><br />lesly7ch(at)yahoo(dot)com

  • Lisa Richards/alterlisa says:

    I don&#39;t really do resolutions, but if I must, to write my reviews on a more timely basis

  • primrose says:

    2012 New Year&#39;s Resolution? Finish my Master&#39;s and just be happy! Thanks for the giveaway!<br /><br />[email protected]

  • rebelaessedai says:

    I don&#39;t know what my resolution is just yet. Find a job, that&#39;s a good one!<br /><br />April<br />rebelaessedai at gmail dot com

  • chichi23 says:

    my new years resolutions for 2012 are:<br />read more books ofcourse<br />to stay well and finish year 11 (i have been unwell for a while)<br />pass year 11 (:<br />and enjoy it <br /><br />alannah:<br />[email protected]

  • Suz says:

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway! My resolutions for 2012 are to enjoy life and spend time as much time with friends/family as possible!

  • Suz says:

    Oops! Forgot my e-mail address in the previous comment!<br /><br />klaxon63350 (at) mypacks (dot) net

  • Jennifer says:

    I really want to exercise. I do great all spring and summer and fall. But i hate exercising indoors. I need to not lose momentum in the winter!<br /><br />jennifer.kalman at gmail dot com

  • Amy says:

    I really don&#39;t make New Years resolutions. I never keep them, so I figure I can&#39;t fail if I never make one. lol!<br /><br />[email protected]

  • donnas says:

    I try not to make them and just work on what I need to work on. If I make them then I feel pressured and dont do it.

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