My Passion Play: The Phantom of the Opera

This week my pick is the Christine, Raoul, and Erik love triangle from Phantom of the Opera.

Yes, the Phantom of the Opera’s name is Erik.

Christine Daae is a young soprano that’s just become part of the Paris Opera House. There she hears Erik, The Phantom, whom she calls her Angel of Music. He teaches her how to sing. She keeps the Angel of Music a secret from everyone.

Raoul comes into the picture as a young Viscount that wants Christine’s hand in marriage. Christine is flattered since he’s her childhood friend.

Erik feels betrayed. He’s never revealed himself to Christine but he’s in love with her. He issued death threats to the new owners of the Paris Opera House if they didn’t put Christine as the lead soprano, the star of the show, and get rid of Carlotta, their prima donna.

Erik actually kills one of the stage hands in the middle of a performance because they don’t listen to him.

Christine is cautious, she wants to hide the relationship with Raoul, but then he proposes to her. Erik shows up at the masquerade ball where Raoul proposed and gives the owners his play, Don Juan, ordering them to have Christine as the main character.

During the last act of Don Juan, Erik himself comes onstage and sings “The Point of No Return” with Christine. He kidnaps her, breaks the chandelier and sets fire to the Opera House.

The hunt is on, people are coming to arrest Erik, and he has Christine. In the end Christine says she could have loved Erik despite his deformation, if he hadn’t killed people and kidnapped her, and she leaves with Raoul. The Phantom turns himself in.

Another one of my favorites because it shows that love isn’t what you look like, but it’s who you are. Christine sings in one of the last songs, “The tears I might have shed for your dark face, grow cold, and turn to tears of hate!”

And now for one of my favorite songs from the movie with Emmy Rossum and Gerard Butler!

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