My Passion Play: Lochan and Maya (Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma)

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My couple of the week: Lochan and Maya from Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma. (Also, my copy has a red cover, same design, but red!)

When I reviewed this book I didn’t say much. If you’re curious I need to update my Past Reviews page, my but my original review for this book is here.

Lochan and Maya have a complicated relationship. There are a lot of touchy subjects that the book goes into like sex, alcohol, social services, abandonment, domestic violence, and of course incest.

Lochan is a very troubled boy. He can’t seem to speak to other people at all and he has a lot of nervous habits. Many of the girls at school find him attractive, including Maya’s friend Francie, but Lochan isn’t interested in any of them. He studies very hard and he’s academically at the top of his class. If it wasn’t for the need to participate in class discussions, he would be a model student. At home he’s entirely different, stepping into the role of the man of the house and caring for Kit, 13, Tiffin, 8 and Willa, 5. Tiffin is a boy by the way.

The only other person Lochan has to help him with the cooking, the cleaning, bathing the kids, putting them to bed, etc. etc. is Maya. She’s sixteen where as Lochan is eighteen. Maya is also the beautiful kind. She has boys after her, wanting her to break away from her family regime. Maya goes out on a date in an attempt to live like a normal teenager but it doesn’t go well.

I found Maya naive compared to Lochan. Lochan was always fighting an uphill battle where as Maya could see the positives in the situation and she didn’t have as many psychological issues as Lochan did. Lochan kept turning more and more inside himself, denying what he really wanted, attempting to find logic, attempting to push Maya away, fighting with Kit, yelling at his mom for the way she was behaving.

The mom in this book is atrocious. Is there but drunk all the time at the beginning and then begins to leave more and more throughout the book until she’s not there at all. That doesn’t help the situation at all.

Lochan and Maya find each other in the midst of Lochan’s psychological problems. Maya knows what she’s doing, she just doesn’t understand what’s wrong about it. Lochan knows what’s wrong about it and doesn’t want to let himself do it, but gives in when the stress becomes too much for him. Maya always tries to make light of the situation they’re in while Lochan lets it plague him with never ending grief. Maya thinks about running away with Lochan and changing their names. Lochan thinks about social services, or the cops finding out and putting them in jail.

They keep the relationship as PG as possible, which is to say they don’t have sex until closer to the end of the book, and then it’s graphic sex. And then the book takes a complete twist and surprises everyone.

I won’t spoil it for the people who haven’t read it yet, but the end of the book was tough to fathom and proves Lochan’s psychological illness. The author doesn’t tell the readers whether or not incest is good or bad, but shows both sides of the coin equally, along with showing how a situation can get so out of control it isn’t manageable anymore.

If you get a chance to read this book, it’s incredible, gritty, heartbreaking and will have you thinking about it for months after reading it.

So there’s mine, what’s your passion play of the day?

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  • ~Sara @ Just Another Story says:

    Oh, everything I think of this book, my heard hurts. Thanks for posting more on it. I enjoyed reading about what you thought in better detail. We should get together again soon. The books out soon eh? Excited yet? <br /><br />~Sara

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