My Passion Play: Celia and Marco (The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

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Now for the Passion!

I wasn’t going to feature Celia and Marco today but after spending the entire morning looking for a white dress that I could turn into performance tent dress in the book, I had to. I’m exhausted. I went to seven places looking for something that could potentially pass as pretty, but that I could also add stuff too, the puzzle pieces mostly, something like what’s on the book cover. I loved all of the dresses in the book obviously, but the rose petal dress was always changing colors and let’s face it, I’m no Celia Bowen, my dress with not change colors.

If you haven’t read the book yet, you must! It’s been options by Summit and I’m anxiously awaiting more movie news on it.

These two had a long term love story. It began when they were children and each of them were given pinky rings which bound them to one another. They were bound not because of love, but because of a challenge, who was the better illusionist? They both worked in different ways, Celia on the stage and Marco in the background.

You can tell that from the moment Marco sees her, he’s in love with her and he knows she’s his opponent. He tries to fight his feelings but he can’t do it. Now, while time keeps moving forward, they have a tendency to keep their distance from one another so all the hand holding, the eye contact, the things they say to each other, it all means a lot to them. They know it’s taboo after all.

I wasn’t sure for awhile if Celia was as in love with Marco as he was with her. It was confusing because she’s a strong character, she was abused, she doesn’t interact with others very often. She spends her time taking care of the twins Poppet and Widget, so it seems like she’s very withdrawn. She also resists him more than he resists her. And then towards the end she gives in and we see that she’s just been holding it in and bottling it up, but she is in love with him.

This book has been on my mind way too much lately, and so I may at one point need to read it again, but for now I will say that the love story between these two illusionists is subtle, real, powerful, and everlasting.

I wish they had taken more chances with each other from the beginning, and I wish the book was miles longer so that we as readers could have seen what happened in between all the years we lost.

What about you? What’s your passion play of the day?

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