My Passion Play: Arwen and Aragorn, Lord of the Rings

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Flame of Surrender

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And now for the Passion Play of the week!

I’m featuring Arwen and Aragorn from Lord of the Rings because it’s obviously one of my favorites.

Arwen and Aragorn originally met in Rivendell after Aragorn’s father was killed while fighting orcs. There’s a story about Arwen and Aragorn that exists outside of the Lord of the Rings as their part within the story is sparse. During their time in Rivendell they fell in love and Arwen agreed to marry Aragorn.

Arwen’s father Elrond, was against the marriage. Arwen was already 2700 years old and Aragorn was only a man. For her to be with him she would have to give up her immortality, something very dear to her and her people.

Aragorn reappears as Strider, a ranger that assists the hobbits in their quest. He becomes part of The Fellowship of the Ring. It is in Elrond’s court that the Fellowship is formed and therefore, Aragorn sees Arwen again. His feelings for her haven’t changed.

Throughout the quest to destroy the one ring Arwen and Aragorn both play their parts. Aragorn holds back in both the Fellowship and the Two Towers, not revealing that he is the King they have been looking for. In The Two Towers he helps to restore Rohan to its former glory and then in Gondor, Gandalf the White removes the man who is acting as King in order to give Aragorn his rightful place.

Arwen helps Aragorn awaken an undead army that was bound to his father by reforming the sword that wounded Sauron in the first war. They win, Aragorn takes over as King of Gondor and Arwen is brought to him, allowed to make her choice to give up her immortality to marry him.

It’s a classic tale of love, adventure and triumph and therefore will always be one of my favorites.

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