My Indie Emo Obsession: Tegan and Sara

My Indie Emo Obsession: Tegan and Sara

I am a lover of Indie Bands. I have been since I was seventeen with my first car. Anny, Ebony, Megan and I would load into my 1992 plymouth sundance and drive down to Osborne Village. I loved the village, the little shops, the funky vibe, the crypt, die machine, the chameleon, the toad in the hole and fuel. Fuel was this basement coffee shop tucked under Kustom Kulture where they sold bongs and hemp. It was accented by its wicker furniture and rustic feel. Every weekend we would sneak off to grab a cup of coffee that didn’t taste like coffee. In my case it was a French vanilla latte that was blended to perfection. They had cakes and brownies and other pastries lined up in their glass counter by the door. They also had a cork board stuffed to the brim with advertisement for concerts, apartments for rent, and missing animals.

I loved the feel in there.

They always played Indie music, and one of the bands that came on was Tegan and Sara. I had never heard of them before, but they were an Indie Twin Duo out of Calgary, AB. The song on the overhead was called “Superstar” Immediately I fell in love with it, and with them. I bought their CD “This Business of Art” around the corner at Music Traders. I had it in my discman for the longest time.
Back then we were all into Napster, Kazaa and Limewire. I opened it up on my stationary computer at home and typed in their names. A few songs popped up, some of which weren’t on the CD I had bought. I downloaded them, listened and got addicted to this one song. It’s nothing much, it’s about not being like anyone else, changing, and straying from the path.

It spoke to me in a way a song rarely speaks to me. This song, unlike other songs I had heard had a chorus that has stuck with me for ten long years since I first heard it.

“All I have to give this world is me and that’s it,
All I have to show this world is me and that’s it,
All I have to face this world is me and that’s it,
Just me, just me, just me and that’s it.”
Just Me – Tegan and Sara

I thought I would share it with you since this is my anthem, and it makes up my ideals, and who I am has benefited from all my cleverly planned meals. (Lyrics from Clever Meals by Tegan and Sara)


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  • karen! says:

    I&#39;ve loved Tegan and Sara for ages. &#39;This Business of Art&#39; is one of my favorite CDs. <br /><br />It pained me when MTV started playing clips of T&amp;S between their reality TV shows, but really I should have been happy that more people were able to discover them.

  • RhiannonPaille says:

    Hey Karen, I was most pained when they did &quot;Feel it in my bones&quot; with Tiesto. I thought &quot;oh they sold out&quot; but Just Me off their yellow demo and This Business of Art and The Con will always be my favorites.

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