Monday Madness: The Partnership of Pure Evil

If yesterday’s post didn’t get me burned at the stake, this one might!

Money is pretty much the root of everything evil, so is power, and they say that absolute power corrupts absolutely, especially when it has to do with making money.

Yesterday I was talking with an aspiring author who pretty much said that they think all literary agents have giant egos and black hearts. (No kidding I’m not telling you who that was!) But it did get me thinking as to why she had that opinion and to answer the question I think we have to look at what people want.

Why aspiring Authors want Agents:

1) To validate their work.
2) To get their work published.
3) To make money.
4) It’s what everyone else is doing.
5) To be the envy of other aspiring authors.
6) To be stalked by everyone else in the book world.
7) To impress the “big dogs” like editors.
8) To have access to people who will do the work for them and pay them.
9) To become a bestseller.
10) To win awards.
11) To become a household name.

*snickers* You tell me, how much of that is really about the book?

Why Agents take on aspiring Authors:

1) They love their work.
2) They know they can make money on it.
3) They want to do the work because they know they’ll get paid for it.
4) They get along with the author and think it will be easy to work with them.
5) They want the author to make it.
6) They want the envy of the publishing world.
7) They want the “big dogs” to fawn over their clients and their work.
8) They want to be the hero.
9) They want the author to be forever in their debt.
10) They want their author to become a bestseller.

Nobody is trying to put a book out there that doesn’t make money, and that creates a viscous circle of manipulation and . . . you got it! Pure evil!

Sometimes an agent/author relationship is so evil, a bestseller is born.

Sometimes it’s a little fluffy bunny and turns into one of those carnival games that nobody ever wins.

The beauty of it is that neither the agent nor the author can predict whether or not an agent/author relationship will be evil enough to achieve all of their book domination goals.

But you shouldn’t be disillusioned by the fact that those intentions, those goals, come from the root of pure evil. Money, Fame and Power.

Aspiring authors can see it any way they like. They wrote a book, and agents don’t care, don’t see it’s potential, don’t want to create the partnership of pure evil and that means the agent must be egotistical or black hearted. Or, they wrote a book and so did 80,000 other people and there’s only 30 agents that represent their genre. The agents are bombarded and they didn’t pick them.

Unfortunately, that’s just how it is. Don’t hate the partnership of pure evil, just hate the game.