Monday Madness: The Expo, Lauren, Laura, and the art of #WINNING


I have spent the last two weeks beating myself up about my writing and my personal success and pretty much wanting to throw a pillow over my head and forget the world exists.

Last Thursday I thought that if I knew how much work it would be to get published, I probably wouldn’t have finished my books. I probably would have decided to forget writing.

And then that tenacious half of myself went, “Just wait.” Yeah, I know it’s not that encouraging, but it is what it is, I’m blunt and honest, even with myself, and the weekly dose of reality is fantastic.

So let me describe my current reality because contrary to the doom and gloom outlook I had last week, it’s been a pretty awesome Monday.

1) I ran the Winnipeg Comic & Toy Expo / Winnipeg Star Trek Convention last weekend. It was awesome. We had 3000 attendees, which was more than we’ve ever had for a March event. We had great guests, lots of volunteers, the hotel was AWESOME to work with and we were overall very happy. I was happy too because we actually didn’t lose money on the event! Woot!

If you know me, you’d know I’ve been running shows for about 7 years now and they’re always hit and miss, most of them lose money, don’t turn a profit, but they’re fun to do and the community appreciate us for doing it. My husband and I actually built one up that is now a Wizard World.

I’d say that’s a whole lot of #WINNING in terms of the convention scene. And organizing conventions is HARD WORK.

2) On Friday last week Laura offered to publish my book. She was part of the group that was going to do the Unpublished Author tour which I canceled because I began feeling like why me? Mostly because there are plenty of published authors out there NOT getting recognition, so why do I need recognition for my work when it’s not out yet? I had other personal reasons too, but it was nice to get an e-mail back that wasn’t from a literary agent and wasn’t a form rejection letter. She’s read part of the book and liked it enough to want to put it with her small list of books in her small press house. I am thinking about the offer, but I am a masochist, I will wait for the big houses to tell me NEVER before I go there.

3) Lauren Oliver e-mailed me this morning about technical difficulties with my blog address, and was encouraging about my submission for the Hollywood Challenge she posted on her blog. She had no room for it but I have room here to share it with you!

The challenge was simple, write 200-300 words and include the following line: The thing they never tell you about Hollywood–it may be the city of dreams, but it’s also the city of nightmares.

My Submission:

They didn’t warn us. I’m sure they warned Wichita, Kansas, but they didn’t warn us. I was on my back veranda when the clouds rolled over the sky and the winds picked up. My glass of lemonade tipped over, drenching my script as the wind ripped across the backyard and lifted the pages into the air.

They got tangled in the treehouse as I raced forward, desperately trying to salvage it. I had an audition on friday, my big shot at the big leagues. I stopped at the foot of the tree house, and thought about climbing up there and grabbing my script. It was now lodged between the branches of the upper echelons of the giant tree. I couldn’t though, because there was a tornado ripping apart my fence and tearing into my pool, water soaking me as I dove into the bushes.

In Wichita, Kansas, they tell you about the tornadoes. I thought about home as I skated up the narrow walkway on the side of the house in an attempt to escape the massive wind funnel. The thing they never tell you about Hollywood–it may be the city of dreams, but it’s also the city of nightmares. Nobody warned me about the forest fires, the earthquakes, the landslides, the tsunamis, the volcanoes, the heat waves, the floods, the blizzards, even the bees.

I ran across the street and pounded on my neighbor’s door. Regardless of the nightmares I might face, Hollywood was my home now, and I would stay until my dreams were a reality.

Anyhow, she encouraged me to keep writing, and I mentioned something about needing a time machine . . . more on that later I guess.

4) As of today I am officially an AUTHOR GUEST. You’re probably thinking what I’m thinking WTF? Because of course I’m unpublished. I guess that’s not entirely true, this morning I approved Integrated Intuition on CreateSpace. You can also get the book on Kindle. It’s a psychic development book, my first of 3 that I’m writing in the field of metaphysics. (Because let’s not forget the fact that I read minds) and so because of that self published book I am an AUTHOR GUEST at Corecon in Fargo in April!

I know, isn’t that wicked awesome? I’m also doing two panels there, one on How to be Psychic and the other called The Yes and No Game which is about writing. Yes, I’m doing a panel on writing. I need to pinch myself.

Anyhow, go here to see the book: Integrated Intuition and buy yourself a copy!

Oh and go here for stuff about the convention: CORECON

So that’s it, I might not be picked up for my fiction yet, but I have other things going on that are equally awesome, and still equals #WINNING.

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