Monday Madness: Reviews, Samples and Articles

Hey All,

In case you haven’t noticed I write a lot. I’ve written articles for spiritual magazines, and I’m enrolled in a writer’s course with the Long Ridge Writer’s Group, I recently joined SCBWI, etc. etc.

What I wanted to do today was talk about a few things that go on with this blog, but have taken a bit of a plummeting. For one, you might be noticing the lack of Indie Reviews, Interviews and Giveaways. I’m still part of the Book Lovin’ Bitches, but they had a kafuffle and since then I haven’t been given any new books to review. I have one coming up by Tony Bertauski called The Discovery of Socket Greeny and after that nothing. So I want to ask the India authors out there if they have stuff for me to review, please send it over. I don’t know how worthwhile it is for me to review all the popular and hot books, I mean yes, more people see my blog, but is it going to drive sales for these authors? No, I think everyone gets the point.

I’ll still post reviews of my favorite books but I’m not going to have a set reviewing day for it, so they’ll come up when they come up, don’t expect to see a review every other day or every week, I’ll be filling this blog up with other interesting things, as I think every blog should do.

Secondly, I’m starting to write Horoscopes for Live Person once a month and I might begin writing an article a month for them too. It’s just a good way to get myself out there with them and I’m looking forward to the challenge. Sometime next week you’ll see my horoscopes post on here and I’d like to make things a little more friendly and get a widget on the side so you can go to the horoscopes area and see them and such.

I’m also getting a blog makeover done by Blogging Bella Designs, and so this blog will look a lot cleaner when that’s done.

Lastly, I missed out on Sample Sunday and since it’s so much like my Short Story Tuesday, I’m going to forgo it, but tomorrow I will be posting a Sample from my series, something that isn’t even being used in the books at all. I’m sort of excited, I also need to go find it . . . among other excerpts and such.

Either way it’s a busy Monday complete with a past life reading, articles, samples and oh yeah, editing the second book in the series! (I didn’t even mention my need to work out)