Monday Madness: Giant Differences, Following and Blog Designs

Good morning,

I hate premade templates for blogs and I’m still in line for my blog design. I hate the queue. I check it way too many times a day to remind myself how awesome my blog will look when she’s done with it.

Until then, another blogger template that wasn’t made for me.

In other news, I’m not following any blogs right now. I removed them all from my blogger reader thingy because I think I need to start from scratch. So while I’m not following any blogs right now, I will probably be following more blogs by the end of the week.

Lastly, can we please please please start seeing the differences between high fantasy and epic fantasy? Let me give it to you in laymens terms.


That’s simple enough right? So when you see the words High Fantasy and you think it’s another Monty Python or Lord of the Rings stop yourself! Think more, Avalon, Narnia, Idris, Pandora, Wonderland, Atlantis, etc. etc. Story lines surrounding other worlds aren’t always about epic journeys or quests, or big battles between opposing groups.

In my YA high fantasy / paranormal romance series it’s Avristar, an island off the coast of Scotland, hidden by protective magic, accessible only through the mists. The rest of the story isn’t epic, not by a long shot.


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