Monday Madness: A Blog Schedule? What is that?

Hey everyone!

No I didn’t stare at this wondering what to write for five minutes. I’m also not wishing for a nap after being up until 3am . . .

True Blood was awesome last night. If you don’t watch the show you need to, and if you do watch it, holy wow, Jason and Jessica!

It got cold today. Plus 30 yesterday and now it’s cold. My daughter was almost late for school, which was my fault for being up stupid late last night. She’s into this new thing where she wants to wear all her fancy clothes to school because they look like school uniforms. It’s a Sailor Moon thing. Today’s outfit was cut, gray/purple plaid dress with a black top with satin purple collar and cuffs. She looks so grown up for Grade 2!

Best text message of the day today, that was actually sent by me, “OMG Party Stuff has hairy arms!” and I mean that, I bought a set of hairy arms. I kept seeing hairy gloves everywhere coupled with werewolf masks and I was disappointed. I asked three different places if they had hairy arms because I only need the arm and they were like no. One place was sold out of their gorilla costumes already and that made me raise an eyebrow. I was quite impressed when the place I went to not only had hairy arms, but hair shorts, and full chimp shirts, gorilla shirts and orangutan shirts. I would have gone with orangutan but the hair was really orange, it didn’t look real. The hairy arms are much better, and if worse come to worse we can always CGI.

I met with Sam yesterday and as it turns out we lost the Kaliel wig. I have no idea, I thought she took the costume after last year’s shoot, but who knows. I found the same wig online, but it’s in China, and I’m in Canada, and I wish we had vortexes and teleportation abilities.

And when it rains it pours. I’m going out of town this weekend to shoot book trailers and that’s when I’m expecting copy edits.

Admittedly, I’m bad at sticking to a blog schedule so I thought I’d let you know what will be happening.

Monday – Madness (if there’s any news)
Tuesday – Articles (writing or otherwise)
Wednesday – Book Reviews
Thursday – Literary Couples (where I analyze couples in books!)
Friday – Follow Friday
Sunday – In My Mailbox (when I have new books)


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