Monday comes with road trips

I’m trying to distract myself by using my hands to do something else other than flail.

You see, today I get to drive down to Fargo to see my critique partner Natasha M Heck for good food, desserts and book talk.

I’m super excited for the chance to get out of my house, away from my computer, and onto the open road. I’m kind of a road trip junkie, what with my track record and all.

Rhi’s Road Trip Track Record:
2006: Winnipeg to San Diego and back. (I drove up a gravel road on the side of a mountain and almost died.)
2007: Winnipeg to Florida to New York to Michigan and back. (It’s not my fault there was a big snowstorm hitting Chicago at the time. I had to reroute)
2008: Winnipeg to Calgary and back. Winnipeg to Chicago and back.
2009: I think I took this year off to be sad about the economy crashing.
2010: Winnipeg to Florida and back
2011: I was writing things and editing things I promise. I barely went anywhere.

Sooo because it’s been FOREVER (April) since my last road trip to anywhere (Fargo actually in April too) I’m thinking: *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* “Can’t wait to leave!”

And there’s been NO caffeine today! (or Gilmore Girls)

I’ll be back tomorrow sometime! (And with a real article about something bugging me I promise.)

Happy Monday everyone!


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