Monday came with bookmarks

And the first snowfall of the year.

Yesterday I kidnapped Sam and took her to Angel’s house in Winkler. We had somewhere in the ball park of nine thousand seven hundred and some odd bookmarks with us. You know, ten thousand originally less the ones I gave away at comic con and the ones I lost in that horrible boxing fiasco. (Genius that I am, I pushed a box on top of an open box of bookmarks. It turned into that card game: fifty two pick up. Needless to say I didn’t pick all of them up.)

We got out there by 5pm but there was a park where her house should have been. Turns out I had the address wrong.

When we did arrive we shuffled into the basement living room, turned on some music and I explained the process. I sat there with a silver pen signing roughly 600 of the bookmarks. (They’re pretty!) We put those in the envelopes going to the book bloggers who sent me their addresses. (Huzzah, didn’t see that coming eh? Yes, you’re all getting signed bookmarks.)

Angel took my notebook and put addresses onto envelopes. These are events. There’s a lot of them. So we bundled 50 bookmarks and sent them out to a bunch of events. I realized today that she didn’t put a return address on the envelopes. So now I’ll never know if they got there or not.

That two took hours all by itself. We listened to Merlin, The Planets, Star Trek, and Transformers soundtracks and then Within Temptation. It was quite an awesome night for music. I half wished we had brought a movie to watch, something epic.

Best thing Sam said all night, “I just want this book to be a movie already, because it’s amazing.”

And then we talked about her book a lot, and her character Hikaru. She needs a ghostwriter. I offered. I don’t know if it’ll happen though because someone named “Stupid” has dibs. You’re right, I’m having the same thoughts about that.

After we got the signed bookmarks in the envelopes to the book bloggers and the fifty bookmarks in the envelopes for the events we moved onto to really fun thing. 5000 bookmarks in bundles of 20 for RT Book Reviews. If you’re Indie and you don’t know about this, go look them up. Your bookmarks can go out their issue of RT Book Reviews Magazine, and somewhere in the ballpark of 250 bookstores will get your bookmarks.

Still, 250 bundles of 20 bookmarks is crazy. But we did it, and it fit in two boxes. So I had to tape the boxes together then package them in awesome shipping wrap. It looks pretty now. I hope it doesn’t fall apart on the way there. I also hope the bookmarks don’t get damaged.

I didn’t sign any of those bookmarks. *cough* 5000 bookmarks, of course I didn’t sign all of them.

Besides, it was already ten o clock by then and when we got outside it was snowing. And we had to drive home in the dark. It took us an hour longer than it should have and I managed to get locked out of my house at midnight. I felt like such a teenager, ringing the doorbell, waiting for my husband, then calling him. It was like I missed curfew and was in trouble. He said it was just a reflex, he puts the chain on the door every night.

I mailed the bookmarks tonight. I think the most exotic place I sent them to was Slovakia. If you sent me your address, they should be there in a couple of days.

Also, there’s not many bookmarks left, but if you want some I can still send you some. Somehow, every single envelope we sent was 30g, which is the cut off weight for regular stamps in Canada.

Anyway, I’m off to check out some Harry Potter wands, my husband would like to know which ones are cooler.


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