Mmmmm SIGNED Paperbacks / E-book Cards

O Hai!

Don’t you love the smell of books? And sharpies? And that moment when you open the front cover to read the little personalized note left to you by the author?

Isn’t that the best freaking thing in the world?

So I know some of you can’t come see me at shows. It makes me sad too, but the cool thing about the interwebs is that we has snail mail!

Here’s all the info which is permanently found on my contact page along with a lot of other cool things like how I do personal appearances and I’ll donate books to your school library or local library and stuff . . .

Signed Books:
I don’t know why I didn’t mention this before but I often have a number of books in my office and I can sign them, personalize them or whatever you like and ship them to you.

CANADA: $25.00 w/ shipping. I’ll send them expedited too so you’ll get them in two days.

USA: $25.00 w/ shipping. I’ll send them small packet air mail so you’ll get them in roughly 6 days. FYI: Canada Post has now stopped their small packet ground to the USA. It used to cost me $8 – $10 to ship books to anywhere in the US. Now the cheapest for one book has been $15.57. I think this is why the post office has been deemed evil. At the very least you’ll be getting the signed copy for less than the list price on Amazon.

INTL: I’ll need to get you a quote.

MULTIPLES: Obviously shipping will be awesome, but I’ll still need to quote you.

E-Book Cards:
CANADA: $5.00 w/ shipping. I’ll send them letter mail, should arrive in 3 days.
USA: $5.00 w/ shipping. Letter mail, should arrive in 5-7 days.
INTL: $10.00 w/ shipping. Letter mail, and it’ll depend on where you are.
MULTIPLES: I’ll need to quote you.

*the cool thing about these is that I can sign them in silver or gold ink, and you can keep the collectible card. E-mail me at rhiannonpaille at if you want to take advantage of me and my silver pen.


P.S. I might ship those lollipops too, they’re pretty effing amazing.