#MentionMonday What happens when it sticks?

I glanced at my schedule this morning and thought well then, I’m busy.

You don’t think about it when you’re not busy. When you’re not busy you’re like, throw stuff on the wall and hope something sticks. What happens then when it sticks?

You find yourself in that precarious position where you’re busy and you can barely breathe there’s so much to do.

In case you’re just coming to my blog and catching up on my fantastic life, my book Integrated Intuition recently hit #1 on Amazon. It’s an achievement I’m really proud of.

However, if you’re also me, you’ll note that the book I published the traditional way with small press, is in the basement on Amazon. Sure, it only came out two months ago but I’ve done a lot more promotion on it and I was hoping that promotion would equal more.

As it turns out, not promoting equals more. Go figure.

With that in mind, I’ve published a short story on Kindle. It was something kicking around that I can work with in limited quantities. It’s really short, 7k words kind of short. But it’s dystopian, sci-fi, adventure, fantasy, lgbt, and post apocalyptic all rolled into one. I plan on releasing one a month for 2012 as a short story collection.

Here’s the cover of the first book in the Last City on Earth series:

If you click on it, it’ll take you to the Kindle page. And if you stick around long enough, there’s a second one coming out in February.

Speaking of February, you may have noticed a few new menu items at the top. Notably: Appearances and Extras.

Appearances is cool, it explains all the dates for the “Debut Author Spotlight” Book Tour I’m doing in February. I’m heading out to Western Canada, and hitting up 6 of the Chapters/Indigo locations. We’ll be talking FoS, FoJ, and giving out bookmarks, posters with purchase, and whatever else we can! You can come chat with me, watch the book trailer, get a book, get it signed, etc. etc. You know the deal! Anyway, if you’re in Western Canada and you want to stop by and see me, here’s the event poster done by Rachel at Parajunkee.com

And now I’m off to finish all the things that are on my list for today.