#MentionMonday The Story v.s. The Writing

Let the debate begin.

When I was traipsing through the uncharted territory of publishing, I came to understand that there are two things that make a book amazing.

Type #1 – People who can write beautifully, but don’t have a story to tell.

Type #2 – People who can’t write beautifully, but have a story to tell.

Arguably there is a third type, people who have a story to tell and can write beautiful, but those people are rare and it doesn’t mean they’ll be more or less successful than the other types.

I class myself more in the Type #2 category. I’m not the best writer out there, I’m always learning, always attempting to get ahead of the curve. I write decently, but my first drafts have always needed a lot of work. I might be being hard on myself, but the writing is what makes the story come alive.

I’ve had the same story in my head for more than a decade. It took six years to get the first part of that story right. The second and third were easier but I’m always searching for new words to explain things. I’m in a perpetual state of improving my writing and I don’t think I’ll ever stop being a forever student.

So there you have it, I have a story to tell you, but sometimes I might not choose the best words to tell it. I might stumble, I might repeat myself, I might miss typos in the text. All the same, I hope you enjoy the story, and what’s at the core of that story.

Thinking about the next three and a half books in this series I’m really looking forward to breathing life into it. I can’t wait for you to get a chance to read it.


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    • rrrett says:

      a good reminder :) working towards balancing both. xo

    • Mari Stroud says:

      Great post! I find myself being more drawn towards the second group, anyhow. If you read Stephen King's early stuff, his style was terribly rough, but his ideas were so good that it didn't matter.

    • Susan Stec says:

      Fun post. I&#39;ve been told I&#39;m a type 2 writer. I have to agree with Mari, most of my favorite authors had great stories to tell, and all have developed as a writer.<br /><br />Susan Stec

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