MADNESS: The Journey to Publication

I was silent
I was patient
I was careful
I was brave
I was hidden
I carried faith on my shoulders
I believed in my words
And I won the battle
But the war has only just begun

There was a time when I wasn’t ready for the journey. I knew it, hell everyone knew it, but nobody was willing to say it.

Flame of Surrender is the song I’ve sung a million times, but never in public. It’s the song I’ve meticulously combed over, strengthening and deepening the melody until it rings true. It’s a song I’ve known for years and a song that’s brought me to tears. It’s a song that’s had me laying on my living room floor in utter desolation thinking, it’ll never be good enough.

And now it’s the song I share with you.

This has been a long road, and I’ve had my doubts along the way. I’ve torn myself down before anyone else did, long before query letter rejections and Beta Reader advice. I was my own worst critic.

And now everything has changed, everything is different. I’m watching people raise arms with me in preparation for the war ahead.

I call it a war, because getting a book out there these days is tough, it’s hard hard work and it’s so easy for people to pass a person by, for them not to care about a book, and the people who have others who care about their book, those are the people I idolize.

And so I thank you for getting on board with this, to everyone who is reviewing, posting, putting up the countdown widget, or just plain supporting me. Thank You.

There’s so much more ahead and I have a lot to do, but that’s it for now.



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