MADNESS: Pre-production, Summer Plans and Publishing


There are things happening in the land of me that are both exciting and scary and awesome all at once.

At the moment I’m in pre production for 3 more book trailers. (I love being able to say pre production) If you head over to “Lore Trailers” you can see the ones we threw together in 2010. I loved them, they were awesome and this group works sooooo well together it’s insane.

For these 3, which will be for the first 3 books in The Ferryman and The Flame Series, we’re making our own costumes for them, and going out to a camp to shoot all the scenes and then the film crew is going to edit and my sound guy is going to compose and life is going to be excellent.

I got to go with Jello (our resident seamstress, she’s literally our costumer, making ALL the costumes for the group) and pick out the fabric. So we know I got exactly what I want with these costumes.

Next up is booking the campsite for September and then waiting while Jello makes costumes.

As for my summer plans this is pretty much it. I still plan on taking the kids out to the local stuff like tinkertown and the beach but otherwise I’ll be at home working or reading or editing.

In the publishing world I’ll also be waiting on the last 14 literary agents to reject me and also waiting on the editor that has the book to read the book. He’s VERY quick on production so once he approves the book then the publishing part will happen so fast I’ll barely have time to blink.

The first book should be ready for C4 (Central Canada Comic Con) so if you have the time to come out and see me you can!

I also spoke with rockstar horror artist Tommy Castillo about the book covers and hopefully we’ll triangulate on all that shortly.

And for the record no it doesn’t mean I’m even signed yet, but there’s a potential deal on the table, it’s just not official.

And then I need to decide what I’m doing next year in terms of traveling to promote the series. There’s a rumor I’m likely going to BEA, but we’ll see where else I end up!

And that’s it for me for now. I’m keeping myself VERY busy and so if you don’t see me around the blogosphere it’s likely because I’m working on something.

One thing is for sure, there will be plenty of opportunities to read the book BEFORE it comes out so if you want it, you should go enter my BETA reader contest, which might actually turn into my first ARC contest! (hint hint)

And, if there’s cool stuff going on with you, feel free to drop me a line here or on twitter!


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