MADNESS: BBQ, Reviews, Dreams and Readings

Good Afternoon!

I’ve finally backed up all my reviews on Goodreads and Amazon! I feel like I deserve a pat on the back for that one.

In writing, I’m almost at 60,000 words, and I just finished Chapter 9. Eek! I estimate another 250 pages, and I’m already at 170! (For you non math people that’s 420 pages) FoS and FoJ were around 300 pages (8.5 x 11 double spaced, manuscript style) So I’m actually shooting for 140,000 words on this one. I thought about “cutting” and then thought no, considering how this book ends, I will not cut out scenes until I’m finished it.

In other news, I’ve been “away” because I’ve been doing a 30 Day Cleanse in an attempt to reset my mind, and to get myself back in shape. I’ve effectively fired my cleaning lady, so alas, I have no cleaning fairy, and I’m just like the rest of you! Also, I don’t mind the housework, I find it liberating to clean the house.

I mowed the lawn on Friday! (go me!)

And in other news, readings have been VERY busy this month. Lots of people out there who need my help/advice when it comes to relationships and other stuff.

I’m also writing more articles for Live Person, you can see links to my Weekend Horoscopes on the Shorts & Articles page. I’ll be doing those for 1 weekend per month for a long time I hope! They also came and asked me to write a series of articles on astrological personalities. The nice thing about those is that I’m using the ones from my book Integrated Intuition and I’m being featured in key places on the site! The other plus is that I’m being PAID for the horoscopes and the articles! So finally I can say I’m a paid freelance writer!

That’s it for this Sunday, I’m taking the kids to a BBQ today, should be fun to get together with some old friends!


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