Look! It’s a book and a scary movie!


Welcome to the May Events Wrap Up! This is a post where I talk about all the events I went to this month and what happened to me at all of them. Also, a big thank you to all the fans who picked up the book in May, the grand total of paperbacks sold in May at events is 23!

Up first . . . Corecon in Fargo, ND!

Corecon is a sci-fi fantasy convention that happens annually. It features authors, dealers, some filking, con suites, karaoke, panels, guitar hero, anime, and a bunch more! If you’ve never been you can check out their website: www.fargocorecon.org

For me this event is a four hour drive away, across the US border, and I went all by myself. I don’t usually do events by myself, but since my critique partner Natasha and her husband Joey introduced me to the group last year, I thought I would go again. Sadly, Natasha moved to San Diego a month before the event so I didn’t get to see her, but we’ll catch up sometime soon.

Corecon went okay. I had one fan from the year before when they made me a guest based on my non fiction bestseller, Integrated Intuition, but this year, the crowd was thinned out, leaving a lot of time when the exhibitor’s hall was empty. I did okay on Friday and Saturday, but when my four year old started freaking out at home, I knew it was time to call it a weekend and head home early. I was happy I did too because I heard the border coming home was crazy on Sunday.

Up next . . . Mother’s Day at Chapters St. Vital

This was one of the two bookstore events I was invited to this month. I lucked out with May 9th, a very slow Wednesday night in the mall and again, I went by myself. What rocked about this was Melanie showing up to tell me she thought my first book was awesome and right in line with people like Cassie Clare and Veronica Roth who she also reads. I felt special, and we had a good chat. The rest of the night went by slowly, and I watched more copies of Fifty Shades of Gray by E.L. James leave the shelf than I saw my book leaving my table. It was a bit disheartening until the bookstore kept the books I brought and I went home empty handed anyway.

I always have a good time when I’m at St. Vital regardless so I was happy I got to make it to the event.

And last but not least . . . Brandon Coles with Brandon

I think there has to be a rule that everyone named Brandon be from Brandon, but anyway the manager at the Coles in Brandon is named Brandon and he was AWESOME. This was by far the most successful event of the month. I had my trusty sidekick Sam with me, we showed the book trailer, she dressed up in costume, handed out bookmarks, etc. Brandon and his staff spent the week pumping up the event, and we had great mall traffic with it being a Saturday.

I have to say I was surprised when 7 copies left the table and it was only 1pm. Then even more surprised that by 5pm, we were OUT OF BOOKS. That’s right, we SOLD OUT.

Some other awesome things that happened at this event:
– Jessica from Regina bought a book and is going to feature me on her book blog, and do an interview!
– EVERYONE who said they’d come back, came back!
– We met a guy who bought a book, then said he was going to Comic Con in Winnipeg this year.
– Katherine, who tried to buy a book at comic con last year but failed due to the ATMs being down, finally got a copy.
– Some kid walked up to me right after I got a moolatte from Dairy Queen and said, “You know you’re not allowed to have food and drink in the bookstore right?” My response, “But, I’m not IN the bookstore.” The kid, “Oh . . . right.”
– We had some older people come up to the table, and they had a lot of interesting things to say including, “Look, it’s a book and a scary movie!” “Oh look it’s my friend Kevin!” “Did you write this book? Are you the author? Are you Rhiannon?” “That doesn’t look like a scary movie. Oh but now there’s a knife, never mind.”
– I met a girl who said she wanted to meet a published author and has successfully checked it off her life list.
– A group of asian guys stopped to take pictures with Sam in costume as Kaliel. ALL five of them got pics.
– I met a woman from Mexico (hi Elisa!) who was fascinated by my inspiration for the books.
– Around 5pm, Brandon the Manager comes up and says “Aw, we have two books left. I wanted to get rid of them all . . . damn, I’m kinda taking this personally.”
– Then five minutes later . . . “I’m buying these two books forget it, they’re gone.”
– Then five seconds later . . . “What’s going on here? Can I get a book?” I ALMOST wanted to tell him they were all gone, I did, but then Brandon sold him one of the last two.
– Some girls said they heard I’d be there, and that I do psychic readings and tried to get me to do a reading at the table. They said they saw my picture online. I was confused and I don’t do psychic readings at events, sorry.
– I have no books for Swords & Sabres in less than two weeks and no time to order more books. I thought I could use the three books at my husband’s store, but then Sam sold one of them today.

Altogether, this makes it an awesome May! I was invited back to Brandon for August and I’m looking forward to the cool things that will happen this summer! Stay tuned for the explanations of those two contest banners on the side bars, all will be revealed in good time!

Stay warm everyone!