INTERVIEW / GIVEAWAY: The Discovery of Socket Greeny by Tony Bertauski

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I’d like to thank Tony Bertauski for being so cool, writing such an awesome book and for answering my questions! Here’s the interview, and don’t forget to get a copy of The Discovery of Socket Greeny!

1) Who are you and what is your book about?

A teacher. A husband. A father. And a writer, mostly of technical matter. But along the way, a character forced me to learn how to write fiction. The story started out as a way to get my son to read, but it got out of control. The character was named Socket. He was a misfit. In the end, I discovered, he was on his way to uncovering his true nature. In kickass fashion.

2) Who is your favourite character in your book or someone else’s and why?

Socket Greeny. He’s the one responsible for the whole thing. It’s written in first person so I spent years with him inside my head, thinking and speaking and feeling what he was all about. His story of wandering aimlessly through life and searching for meaning was similar to mine. But his story was a hell of lot more entertaining.

3) Can you give us a quick run down of your writing process?

I’m an outline writer. I got to know where the story is going and then I can fill in the details. I start out with a brief idea of the entire story, then write. Usually, the story changes after a couple chapters and then I revise the outlines.

4) What inspired you to write Socket Greeny’s story?
The human condition is difficult for many of us. Life is suffering, the Buddha said. Understanding that simple statement can take a lifetime. I wanted to write an entertaining story about the human journey, about an exceptional kid on the path to enlightenment.

5) What possessed you to name him Socket!? (Honestly it’s either the best or the worst name I’ve ever heard. I’m undecided on which.)

No clue. I swear, I don’t remember how I came up with that name. I tried to change it during one draft and it didn’t take. The name, however, is explained in the third book of the trilogy.

6) Who are your favorite authors and books?

I was a huge fan of the entire Dune series. Unwind, by Neal Shusterman, has been one of my favorites. Recently, though, I’m interested in writing that captivates, so it doesn’t necessarily have to be YA or sci-fi. I just finished Laurie Halse Anderson’s Speak. What a strong voice.

7) Is there any advice you have out there for other aspiring authors?

Enjoy the ride. Writing is your opportunity to be closer to a character than you’ll ever be.

8) What is the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you?

When I was a kid, the number 204 was my lucky number. 204 was my score when I first broke 200 in junior bowling league. 204 was my number when I won a 5K race at age 13. It’s always been with me. Then a few years ago, Life put a hurdle in front of me. A big one. I was on my way to see a counselor (the emotional kind) and someone else was driving. I was such a wreck, not sure if I would get through this. We pulled into the driveway. Above the garage was the address. 204. I started laughing.

9) If you could live in the world you created what would you miss about this world?

The simplicity.

10) Can you tell us something about yourself that people might find unexpected?
I’ve been sitting mediation for over 20 years. Spirituality is a very important to me.

Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Wars.
Favorite Band? Of all time? AC/DC, during the Bon Scott era (I’m a child of the 70s)
Favorite Movie? The Matrix is hard to beat. Blade Runner, close second. Third, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
Artificial Intelligence: Pro or Against? Pro. We might have something to learn from it.
Magic or Technology? Technology. Magic implies we don’t understand it yet.
Best time to write? Mid-afternoon.
Small towns or big cities? Somewhere in-between.
Baseball or Football? Tough choice. Going to lean toward football.
Han Solo or Luke Skywalker? Han.

Thanks again Tony! It was great to have you!


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