In My Mailbox: Trips to the local bookstore


Unlike some people I don’t buy my books online, I buy them at the local independent booksellers or at Chapters. Sometimes the Indie Bookstore only has so much in stock (and they look at me funny when I’m trolling the YA section, shrugs)

Today I took a trip down to Chapters and had to get three people to help me. The first because they’ve got a big section of the store closed off to redo the kids section (yay kids!) and so they moved all the teen stuff downstairs. I ask the girl, “Where’s the YA section?” “The What?” “The YA Section” *puzzled look* “Young Adult?” “Downstairs.” “KTHXBAI!”

I get down there only to browse through the Macs! MacDonald, McKay, McMann, where in the world is McEntire!? I’m going crazy and in the meantime I find Imaginary Girls, and like 20 copies of Blood Red Road (skimmed the first couple of pages and put it down, um not right now sorry book!) and I searched for Huntress and found it, then found Paranormalcy, but no Hourglass!

I find another girl, ask her where it is. She had to look in the back. Meanwhile, I’m dodging guys bringing in shelving and tools and such because no doubt, the teen aisle is also right beside the construction. PERFECT! So all of these gross looking old dirty men are like, “Excuse me” “Excuse me” *sigh* I’m looking for books, please go away.

Girl one comes back and has passed off the job to the third person. That girl then gets busy with something else and about fifteen minutes comes back and says she’s on it now. I feel like an idiot waiting so long for a book that’s NOT ON THE SHELF DESPITE ITS RELEASE DATE and decided to sit down.

Ten minutes later I have Myra McEntire’s Hourglass. Yay!

Here’s some pics of the other shtuff I picked up.

And that’s it! Look for these reviews soon!


P.S. I am most excited about Imaginary Girls!

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  • Natasha M. Heck says:

    I can't wait to find out what you think about Huntress! I love Malinda Lo's use of language. It makes me sigh at some of the beauty of it. I have Paranormalcy on my list of books to read, too. Getting through Ultraviolet right now and really enjoying that.

  • Gabbie says:

    Lol. I can't believe the hastle just to get a book. You'd think bookshop employees would know more about books and be excited about them and happy to help anyone who is excited about books as well. What bookshop employee doesn't know what YA is??? *sighs* what is the world coming to?

  • bookdout says:

    Hi<br />Following through from Parajunkee&#39;s. The thing I notice about these covers – is that is all about the hair – or is it just me?<br /><br />Shelleyrae @ Book&#39;d Out<br />

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