IMM: Destiny’s Fire, The Veil and other things I can’t talk about


Admittedly, not a very exciting week but I have more coming I’m sure of it!

Got this, looking forward to getting into it! I haven’t read much steampunk but Trisha’s Unveiled was awesome, so yay!

Cory and I have been talking a lot because she’s writing her second book and I’m excited to be on her Beta Reader list! That means I need to brush up on the Annorasi and so I’ve downloaded this for my Kindle. Yay! Just as good as the first time I read it!

Oh! Things I can’t talk about . . . I also managed to get a copy of Flame of Justice to work on my kindle. Yeah that means I have it on my kindle, which sort of makes me squee since it’s still in beta version, and won’t be out until October of this year.

May is the month of announcements, so get ready for this blog to explode, I have soooo many things to tell you but I can’t yet! *eep!*

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