I’m NOT with the “Big 6” but you’d never know it . . .

Because I’m quite the illusionist.

Coscom Entertainment, my publisher, is a small press out of Winnipeg, MB. Coincidentally, I live there too, and coincidentally, I’ve known the owner for the past five years.

It’s not necessarily cheating so much as it’s having friends in strategic places. I did try to go the traditional route, I didn’t want to call up my friend and be like, “Hey publish my book” because I find that using connections like that is rude. I’d never want him calling me for readings and expecting me to do them pro bono just because I know him.

And that was vice versa. He didn’t want to sign me just because he knows me, and he didn’t. I called him because I’m married to the man that runs the Central Canada Comic Con and Coscom Entertainment usually has a booth there.

While discussing the con, I asked him about submissions and what kinds of things he’s likely to take a chance on. We got talking about my book and what began as a business call turned into a pitch session over the phone.

And then I had to jump through hoops. He asked me to write a short story for an anthology he’s putting out, which I did in three days. He also made me wait forever before looking at my book and before agreeing to sign me. He kept giving me mixed signals, saying he wasn’t signing me, but he’d have the book out by November.

I didn’t know what to think about that so I did some pre promotion thinking that if things fell through, I could attempt it myself.

Thankfully that didn’t happen. He read the book, said it needed a lot of work editing wise, and then signed me anyway despite the writing not being up to his standards. He did it more because of the story, and he said he would give me a “crash course” in grammar and punctuation.

He didn’t get excited about the book until he found out how fast I can work with deadlines and how amazing the pre promotion train has been going for me. I mean it, THANK YOU big time to everyone who has gotten on board and support me and this book. Without you I’d probably still be unpublished.

I recently saw a poll on goodreads that asked whether or not readers look at publisher while choosing which books to read. 50% of those people said no. So really, whether I’m Big 6 or not, it doesn’t matter as long as I work my butt off right?


P.S. Ashley @ TheBookishBrunette: Thanks for thinking I got signed with the Big 6, that’s quite the compliment! (I must be doing something right?)

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