How to get me to read your Indie / Self Pubbed book

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Let’s be honest for a moment here. There are 365 days in a year, 24 hours in a day, and more than a zillion books pubbed out there. Indie Authors are quickly making a name for themselves in the industry, which only adds to the amount of books on your bookshelf. The real question for me these days isn’t whether or not I support Indie Authors, it’s which ones I support and why I support them, read their books and talk to them on Twitter.

Here are the top five reasons I will read YOUR Indie / Self Pubbed book v.s. someone else’s.

1) Someone I know recommended it to me

This could be a friend, another book blogger, or another Indie Author I follow. The point is, they’re part of my inner circle and because I want to get along with them, I’m going to read what they read so I’m up to speed. In turn I recommend books to them and it becomes a big family sort of thing.

2) I participate in a critique group with them

I’m on, absolute write, mythic scribes,, along with facebook and twitter. I post in those communities. I join groups. I get to know people. If I help someone with a query letter, and later see them posting the book on amazon, I’m likely to read their book.

3) I know the Author on Twitter

I meet a lot of people on twitter, some of them write books I like to read and some of them don’t. A lot of the time I’ll meet a rare and amazing person that just pops for me and bam, I’m off to Amazon to look up their books and creep their blog and everything. It’s that simple. Personal messages really do get to me and are often a reason I’ll continue reading an author’s work.

4) I was able to get a sample before buying the book

This is a less personal approach, but I often download a bunch of samples on amazon, read through them and then pick what I want to buy. It’s a great way to weed out Indie Authors who are just not ready to be on the shelves, as well as books that aren’t what I thought they’d be. Sampling lets me better decide what’s good and what’s not good for me.

5) I heard about it through a third party and I was curious

This is the situation nobody can control. I hear about the book through a book blog blast, see it on a sidebar, or in my weekly google alerts, or it’s being promoted randomly on twitter. Sometimes I’ll be curious enough to track down the book, add it to my TBR on goodreads and come back to it. Other times I’m curious enough to just download the book and go. It really depends on my mood and the book.

At the end of the day as an Indie Author myself and as a supporter of Indie Authors, I strive to keep an open mind. I do my best to get the word out about my book and I do my best to review and support others with their writing goals. I think in the Indie Community the best thing we can do is stick together.

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