Giveaway: Amaretto Flame by Sammie Spencer

When Olivia Landry screams, people die. No wonder she’s been shunned by humans her whole life. When Olivia makes a huge mistake, she’s banished for a summer to a human town; forced to live as one of them. She’s out for revenge when she discovers the humans are different than she imagined, especially the rugged, sexy guitarist, Jackson Vance.

Pretending to be human isn’t as hard as she thought it would be…until the witch hunters attack. Now Olivia must somehow protect herself, her family, and her new human friends. There’s a problem with that. When you go around screaming, people are bound to learn your secret. Can love really conquer anything?


In celebration of the Ultimate Fan Contest, I’m giving away ebooks!

You may remember when I mentioned missing some people in the indie community. I wanted to show my love and support of the people who have been there for me throughout the journey.

Up first is Sammie Spencer, one of my first Beta Readers and an amazing lady! She’s often found writing non fiction but today you can grab a copy of her excellent urban fantasy, Amaretto Flame. I still love Jackson and Olivia.

Also, if you’re taking part in the Ultimate Fan Contest, you guys have hit 25,000 entries, which is awesome! I’ll be posting that Hot Like Wow Scene on June 22nd!

Stay warm everyone!

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