Geeky Girls Do Irish Pubs

What’s actually funny is that we were all late. But Abby and Jello pull up and I kindly inform them that the place they wanted to go to for lunch is closed, but thankfully next door is the Irish Pub, and so we pile on in there and have a seat by the window, because we’re so cool.

We yammer on about how crazy our lives have been, and what we’re working on now, and we talk about what to order. Fish and Chips. I swear, Abby is the size of a pencil, she’s so thin you could sharpen her, and she’s the one ordering the poutine. How I hate skinny girls with a high metabolism.

After mulling over the menu, we realize that we are NOT coffee drinkers. Well maybe the occasional ice cap, but really, it’s cokes and ice teas for us, Canadian Iced Tea might I add. I also need to note that this is an Irish Pub, it’s not a Starbucks.

I found out Abby liked Terry Goodkind just as much as I do, and we dished about the differences between the TV show and the Books, and which ones we loved the most. Both of us loved Wizard’s First Rule. She’s looking forward to The Omen Machine, which I will be reading and reviewing when it comes out, and until then I have Confessor to entertain me, although she told me I would hate the ending. I’m scared.

We get to talking about the last book trailer we filmed together, and the few hassles that occurred because of it. Everything has been sorted out, the film students were given an A+ on the project, highest mark in the class, and the final cut looks amazing!

They brought up the subject of another book trailer, one for Warrior, the next book in the series. And they want to do another character photoshoot and they want to make dresses for it.

Can I just say I love these girls? They are my heroes.

So after discussing waist lines and exercises, we got into the plot of Warrior and I was nice enough to spill the beans. Abby was nice enough to let me know that her mom read the ARC I gave her of Surrender and she thought it was an amazing book, and Jello was bugging Abby to pass along her ARC since I had given it to Abby to give to Jello months ago and it has not happened yet.

We went through characters, costume ideas, a few CGI ideas and how to make a feorn happen, and then continued talking more about plot, Surrender, other cosplays, conventions, publishing, literary agents and all the like.

We need horses, in particular a White horse, and it made me think of a trip to San Diego to see Sue Dawe, but I held my tongue, that’s not doable.

When we were ready to go, we realized that Abby, the skinniest of the three of us, had eaten the most, and was still hungry. We planned to meet again soon, and to stay in touch regarding the details of what we’re working on.

It was 3pm when we left, we spent an entire two hours there, which seemed to fly by because really, when geeky girls do irish pubs, there is no such thing as time.


P.S. You heard correctly, there will be another Watcher and Flame Book Trailer in 2011!

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