#FoS September Teaser: You were having nightmares again

Ahh, it finally feels like September today, so I will post a teaser from my upcoming debut novel, Flame of Surrender. I don’t think this clip needs an introduction … enjoy!

You were having nightmares again

“You were having nightmares again.” It wasn’t a question.

Krishani shrugged. “No, they were just dreams.”

Benir glared at him. “I know when they’re nightmares. You twist in the hammock all night and make a lot of noise.”

Krishani let a sly smile creep across his lips, more out of embarrassment than joy. He really wanted to keep the nightmares to himself. “I’ll try not to disturb you in the future,” he said coolly as he moved to the path.

“Just tell me what they’re about,” Benir snapped suddenly. He seemed out of control and when Krishani looked back at him he noticed the bags under the other boy’s eyes and the paler skin on his cheeks. He looked desperate and awkward. “I had bad dreams too,” Benir muttered afterwards.

Krishani paced back to him. “What are yours about?”

“Sigurd booming at me,” Benir said quietly, his eyes cast into the ground, his cheeks flushed with embarrassment.

Krishani laughed loudly and shook his head. “Those are nothing.”

“Are yours . . . worse?”

Krishani shot Benir a cold stare. “Much worse. So much worse,” he said through gritted teeth. He pulled his fingers into a fist and fled from the hearth.

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