#FoS September Teaser: Many things in Avristar are forbidden . . .

It’s Tuesday, which means it’s time for a teaser! See if this one strikes your fancy!

Many things in Avristar are forbidden

“Are you Krishani?” the feorn asked.

Krishani narrowed his eyes and stared over at the elven girl who was trying not to watch them. He realized that this feorn must be one of Kaliel’s kinfolk from Evennses. “Yes. And yourself?”

“Pux,” he answered. He shifted nervously and looked back towards the elven girl for help but she was still refusing to pay attention to their conversation.

“Who told you about this place?” Krishani tried not to glower at him but the feorn had trespassed.

“I found it long ago,” Pux answered defiantly. He seemed nervous and agitated about something, and Krishani assumed it had to do with Kaliel but he couldn’t be sure. He stared passed Pux at the waterfall and shook his head.

“The waterfall is forbidden,” he stated for lack of anything better to say. He so desperately wanted to retreat into the cave behind the falls and forget about the kinfolk defiling what he considered his secret.

“Aye, many things in Avristar are forbidden. Or so the Elders have told me,” Pux replied.

Happy Tuesday!