#FoS is going to be an audiobook . . .

I always knew I wanted it to be an audiobook, solely for the purpose of pronouncing names of people and places, and also for the too busy to read crowd and the non reading crowd.

Last Weds, Sam, Ayla, Chris and I got together to do the voice overs for the trailer which I’m sorry isn’t done yet, but I’m crossing my fingers for December.

Anyway, after a night that should go down in history as the most inappropriate night possible between three girls and a guy, we began recording the audiobook. *cough* by inappropriate I mean we needed both scared/out of breath sounds for Kaliel, and we needed some very loud screaming for Cossisea, and we needed some boy grunting.

Use. Your. Imagination.

Me: *sitting there with headphones on listening to what Chris had just recorded*
Me: Oh my god this is so inappropriate, I don’t think I can listen to this!
Chris: It was my first time!
Me: *dissolves into giggles* *rips off headphones* That was sooooo the wrong thing to say while I’m listening to you grunting.

I promise the book itself is all happy non boundary crossing YA sexy times.

I can’t however control all of my friends all of the time. I wish I had the audio bits so you can just listen to our shenanigans, but there was also us trying to record one of the major lines from the book and we were messing with both the deep voice modulator and accents, some of which were Russian, British, and Cockney.

Ayla: Ay gov’nor! Bloom the weed of temptation and expire the garden of oops!
Ayla: and bring me a shrubbery.
Sam: Merlin, Merlin.
Ayla: In Russia, weed blooms you.

They left at 10, and Chris and I got to working on the audiobook. We got through 35 pages in an hour and a half. I really love my book though, and I really love my fans, and so I’m doing this for you. It’s excruciating, and it’s taking a long time, but I’m doing it for you.

On Sunday Chris told me everything we did on Weds wasn’t good enough and we’d have to start from scratch.

I reeally love you all.

So we spent another 4 hours at it, cutting as we go (which sounds like a line from an xmas song) so if I messed up I had to reread the previous paragraph or sentence. Stop. Start. Stop. Start. All afternoon. Not to mention the snarky comments from the peanut gallery.

Chris: Okay so from skearched.
Chris: So from skearched . . .
Me: *narrows eyes*

I wish I had something to hit him with, making fun of my messy pronunciation . . .

We got through 8 chapters, and we’re doing it again this Sunday, hoping to get through another 10 chapters. We’re 65 pages in, with another 195 to go. And hopefully, 3 more reading sessions. Then he has to put it all together, master it, make me sound good, and then we’ll be ready for the release!

Yes, even in the audiobook is indie in my world.

Welcome to the life of me.


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  • Colleen says:

    ha! I've never been into audiobooks (I would get too distracted, I like having a book in my hands), but I would love to hear the blooper reel! lol it sounds like a ton of work, but also like you guys are having some fun, too, at least. :)

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