Formatting ebooks is evil and I suck at it.

Oh Hai!

So the biggest conundrum I’ve come up against why trying to publish SURRENDER on my own is ebook formatting. I’m great when it comes to making a paperback look pretty, but condense that awesome word file into an ebook and everything comes out crunchy.

After wrestling with the files for awhile, I decided to go online and grab myself some help.

Turns out the biggest problem I was having was using a PDF. PDFs are like poison to ereaders, they mash them up and spit them out all “Put that in my mouth again and it’s going to end up on your face.”

Thankfully after much web surfing and eye soreness (I hate reading tutorials) I finally came up with the answer I was seeking. Here’s my step by step process on how to make an ebook look pretty.


1) Format it like it’s going to be a paperback. (You can grab templates from Createspace)

2) Save it as an HTM file. (That’s right, all ebooks are just really long webpages people.)

3) Insert page breaks. (You can do this in microsoft word even if it is an HTM file, and you can insert the page breaks where you need them, title page, copyright page, dedication page, ends of chapters, etc. etc.)

4) Save again and name it something so you remember it’s the KINDLE edition (you wouldn’t want to send this file to a printer because it’s an ugly baby.)

5) Upload to the KDP platform and watch them do that conversion thing. (Insert evil laughter here.)

6) Preview your book through the Kindle Previewer (you can go look for that on Amazon, it’s somewhere I promise.)

Your book should look like a book, and it should be much easier for readers to read. As a sidenote, I have updated ALL my kindle books to reflect these changes, so if you downloaded some of my books last year, and they look like a seven year old’s homework, I’m really sorry, it’s fixed now.

If you haven’t downloaded any of my books, you can view them all over here: Rhi Paille Amazon Author Page

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  • Varsha Dinesh says:

    Hi Rhiannon!<br />I know what you mean, the stupid e-reader formatting is such a pain in the unmentionables. I&#39;m struggling with it right now and throwing evil glares at my iBooks that seems determined to mess up my e books. Sigh. Great post- I should try the KDP thing.

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