Follow Friday: Book hoarding and Clueless Dads

Good evening!

Q: When you’ve read a book, what do you do with it? (Keep it, give it away, donate it, sell it, swap it..?)

I’m known to keep the books I really like. I can’t fathom the idea of giving away a book I loved. I usually give away books that I didn’t enjoy because I feel that every book deserves a second chance and if I can’t love a book I’d rather give to someone else who could give it the book love that book deserves.

And now you’re likely wondering about that clueless Dad thing. Well I was in the local Chapters tonight and this Dad was talking to the sales staff about YA books for his 15yo. daughter that have some mystery element to them.

So the staff are all humming and hawing over it and I’m there scanning the shelves and thinking to myself about different books. My eyes run across The Near Witch by Victoria Shwab. I wordlessly pick it off the shelf and hand it to the dad. “It’s a ghost story mystery, and there’s a romance.” All of them turn to look at me as I’m hunting around for The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin. I hear behind me, “Oh, does she work here?” and “Oh, yeah I didn’t think of that one.” I pick up UMD and hand it to the Dad saying, “The girl is trying to figure out how she killed her two best friends, she can’t remember . . . and there’s a romance.” I then pause and think for a moment, and then it dawns on me. “Oh and Kimberly Derting’s series.”

The Dad, “Oh it’s a series?” And he’s following me now over to where the D’s are. I find the books, pull them off the shelf and hand them to him.

I say, “Yeah this one is definitely murder mystery . . . and there’s a romance.”

I know, “and there’s a romance.” I feel like every YA book has a romance.

Staff is yammering away about how I should work there and why don’t I work there and what not. I turn to sort of all of them, the staff, the Dad, the other people milling about, my friend Amy who got to watch all of this unfold, etc. etc.

“Oh I write YA books . . .”

Staff, “Oh really? Do we carry it?”

“Yeah, it’s in your catalogue.”

Staff, “Neat, what kind of YA?”

The Dad is still standing there with his three choices, he’s reading jacket flaps and such. He turns to me, “So any of these would be a great choice?” And I nod and smile. “Yeah.” There’s a long pause, staff member is still standing nearby listening, I think. “I write fantasy, more epic tragedy kind of thing. And there’s a romance.”

I’m going to own this “and there’s a romance.” line I swear.

So he’s all “Hmm okay thanks for your help.” and I turn around, “No problem, happy holidays!” He walks away and leave me to peruse. I’ve got a couple copies of Hunger Games in my arms, Clockwork Prince, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, The Replacement, and I later grabbed two copies of Shiver and one copy of Imaginary Girls. I really wanted to make sure the people I’m buying the books for will like them, so no taking chances on anything you know?

Staff member comes up to me and asks for my name while I’m contemplating Blood Red Road. She’s going to go search the computer. She also asks if I have an ebook.

Staff, “That’s so cool how you helped that guy.”

I shrugged, “Well I’ve either read the book or I’ve read a review about it online. So yeah . . .”

Staff, “Wow. Yeah I’d like to read more fantasy and from someone local is even better.”

Needless to say, my excursions to Chapters never fail to amaze me. She walked away to look me up and I disappeared into the line after Amy and I contemplated both Crescendo and Silence and I decided she could buy that one on her own. My plan was to poison some of my friends with good YA books in the hopes that they will become as addicted as I am to the genre and the authors I love.

I might have spent too much money, but when you think about it, you can never spend too much on books.

Until the next time I decide to cruise the bookstore!

Happy Friday!


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