FoJ Trailer Reveal + Teaser!


Today is the LAST DAY of the Ultimate Fan Contest! I hope you all had as much fun as I did during the contest, and a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who took part!

We racked up a TON of entries, and I’m excited to announce that because we hit over 25,000 entries, EVERYONE gets a fantastic little treat!

I promised a Hot Like Wow Teaser from Flame of Justice if we got more than 25,000 entries and so here it is!

Hot Like Wow Bedroom Scene:


Krishani smiled, she did warn him that Melianna checked on her often. He sighed and slipped off the bed as she pointed towards the stairs in the ceiling. He pulled them down as quietly as he could and scrambled up, pulling the trap door shut behind him.

Krishani huddled in the secret passage above the bed, waiting for Melianna to leave. He heard the scrape of a tea tray on the bureau, followed by Melianna humming to herself. He tried to control his breathing, but it was colder than he anticipated and he shivered. He tried not to move around too much in case she heard his bumbling.

Krishani listened to her light footsteps as she rounded the bed and rubbed Kaliel’s brow with the cloth. He imagined that Kaliel looked pristinely lost in her own little world. Melianna sighed. Her footsteps pattered across the floor again. She pulled open a drawer. Krishani smelled incense. He held his breath, wondering why Melianna wasn’t moving. It took a moment, but her feet slid across the floor, the door opened and shut behind her.

Krishani waited until he was sure he had heard the door close and carefully climbed back into her room. Kaliel pretended to be asleep. He stifled a smile. She had the blanket pulled to her chin; her hands piled comfortably on her chest. Moonlight cracked across the room, shedding light onto her heart shaped face which was all pale white and shadows. He hesitated, wanting to climb on top of her and kiss her awake but he paused; glanced at the door and back at Kaliel. He slipped his tunic over his head and left it on the green embroidered rug. He paced back to the bed and took her hand in his, twining his fingers through hers. He expected her to open her eyes but she pressed her lips together to stifle a giggle. He put one knee beside her hips and straddled her between his legs. Both his hands came down around her face as he leaned in and placed a soft kiss on her lips. She still didn’t move and he narrowed his eyes and dropped his lips to her ear.

“You think you can sleep through this?” he whispered, his lips nipping at the pointed edge of her ear. Her unresponsiveness came as a challenge. He took her other hand and kissed the back of it before moving it to cup his face. She shivered underneath him but didn’t open her eyes. He felt her tense, and he tensed too, desire flooding into him as he let her fingertips stroke his neck. He gripped her wrist and pushed her hand against his chest. She squirmed and he pressed forward, letting her hand slide to his abs. His lips were on hers as her fingers reached the hem of his breeches. She gasped and opened her eyes. Pulling her hand away she wrapped it around his waist, drawing him against her. She kissed him back fiercely as she kicked away the blankets. He wanted to feel her close against him, even if there was a layer of fabric between them. The blanket gone, he brazenly pressed himself against her, careful not to crush her with his weight. Even though he was lanky, she was delicate and smaller than him. Her lips parted and the sweetness of honeysuckle forced his head to swell with passion. He gasped at the sexiness, almost reaching the point of no return. He reluctantly pushed away from her and untangled his other hand from hers. Panting, he gazed at her with a spurious frown. She smiled and giggled as he flopped down beside her and pressed his lips to her shoulder. She trembled at his touch and then rolled onto her side and propped herself up with her elbow.

“I told you she checks on me.”

“I like that you have a tower, why don’t you make me hide up there more often?” Krishani murmured, his lips still exploring her skin. He kissed the crux of her elbow and she pulled it away tucking it under herself.

She faced him, her green eyes hidden behind a shadow. “I like the waterfall.”

Krishani smiled. “It might be safer to continue this there.”

And if you haven’t had enough of FoJ, here is the official trailer!

Thanks again and Kathy will be announcing the winner soon!

Stay warm everyone!