Flame of Surrender Relaunch Info

Evening folks,

Have you ever met one of those people that comes off as amazing when you first meet them, but really isn’t that awesome?

I’m not trying to be elusive, but I have met many of those kinds of people. What bothers me the most is when those people begin to falter. It’s like tiny cracks in the plaster begin to appear and soon enough they’re falling apart.

One of the reasons I stopped being so active on my blog was because I was writing another book. Another reason is because I happen to work a lot on a few different projects.

It came to my attention in July that Flame of Justice wasn’t ready. Further reflection, and the ultimate breakdown of a relationship has forced me to rethink the whole book series. I talked to my publisher about quitting for the second time this year. He talked me out of it for the second time this year. We’ve come up with a plan to relaunch the first book in January. I believe you may see it on Netgalley sometime in October of this year.

What does a relaunch mean? It means we go back to the working titles, change the cover design, add a map, a character/place glossary, and some other goodies to the package. We give the fans something they can’t get anywhere else.

I can’t officially announce anything yet, but what I can tell you is that the new cover is being done by a world renowned artist and good friend of mine. I can also tell you that three other artists, friends and names in the business are doing something for me in relation to the book. The final results are going to be mind blowing.

I hope you like it.

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