Fable the Immortal: A dystopian superhero story

The Blurb: The war between Good and Evil has raged since before Time began.

Now the battle continues with the Ultimate Good versus the Ultimate Evil.

Metahumans vs the Undead

Metahuman: one of the human species endowed with one or more powers beyond that of mortal men; a person who uses those abilities to serve either themselves or society. Typically branded by a codename and colorful costume. AKA Superhero.

Undead: one of the human species endowed with life even after death; a walking corpse. Typically branded by their decayed form and appetite for human flesh. AKA Zombie.

In a world where superheroes and zombies collide, only one can prove the victor.

Featuring indie heroic favorites like Axiom-man, The Wraith and Shadowflame, while also introducing newcomers like Nightcat, Spectrolite, Midnight Angel and more, Metahumans vs the Undead is a terror-filled action adventure where Light and Darkness collide and only one can prevail.

Contains stories by: Rebecca Besser, Eric S. Brown, Frank Dirscherl, Lorne Dixon, A.P. Fuchs, Anthony Giangregorio, Keith Gouveia, J.L. MacDonald, Joe Martino, Rhiannon Paille, Gina Ranalli and J.B. Robb.

About Fable the Immortal: It’s been thirteen-hundred-and-thirteen-years since nuclear war rendered planet Earth inhabitable. Thirteen-hundred-and-thirteen-years since eight families from the old world founded Temperance, Antarctica, the only livable place on Earth. Thirteen-hundred-and-thirteen-years since Fable Ketterling found the Fountain of You and ended up immortal, invincible. Today is the thirteenth-hundred-and-thirteenth-annual Temperance Day festival, may this be the day Fable the Immortal dies.

The first time I spoke to A.P. Fuchs about potentially becoming one of Coscom Entertainment’s new authors, we talked about Metahumans v.s. The Undead. It was an anthology of short stories he was planning to release by the end of the year. He was short on contributors.

Three days later I handed him a first draft for Fable the Immortal, a dystopian superhero short story. I can’t tell you a lot about the story for fear of spoilers, but let’s just say it’s nothing like Flame of Surrender. It’s dystopian so there’s cynicism, action, twisted ideals, harsh attitudes, and a lot of gore. I’m excited to be releasing this story for all of you to read and I hope when you get a chance that you pick up a copy so you can see what else I can do.

There’s a lot more where Fable the Immortal came from!

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