DESIGN: Ahdunie from Avristar!


You might have noticed, that you’re not in Kansas anymore . . .

That’s because you have successful crossed the lake, been surrounded by the mists and Earth is but a distant memory. You’ve set your feet on the lush grasses of the island of Avristar.

If you look on the left sidebar you’ll notice the other kinfolk that have gathered, along with the lorekeepers and the scryes. The scryes usually stay in the Great Hall writing about things that the Lorekeepers do and updating us on things happening in the Lands of Men, but they’ve gathered here too to celebrate!

On the right you’ll notice placed in the Lands of Men that can bring you back here, places like the blog directory, and book blogs and she writes. I love these places, but they’re not quite like my book home, Avristar.

Also, I’d like to introduce you to my main characters from The Ferryman and The Flame.
From the left;
Krishani: The Ferryman (looking all moody in that black cloak)
Kaliel: The Amethyst Flame (no doubt talking to trees)

From the right;
Isadora: The Iolite Flame
Cossisea: The Ruby Flame
Laurelin: The Citrine Flame
Clamose: The Azurite Flame
Klavotesi: The Obsidian Flame
Lotesse: The Emerald Flame

Flames we couldn’t find;
Shezeel: The Quartz Flame
Tiki: The Carnelian Flame

Scroll down to the bottom for another picture of Kaliel and Krishani in the forest near their favorite place in Avristar, the waterfall.

And, for more interesting bits about the story visit “My Lorekeeping” to find out about the stuff I’m working on, visit “Lore Teasers” for excerpts from FLAME of SURRENDER, visit “Lore Trailers” for a couple of videos done in celebration of FLAME of SURRENDER.

Have fun exploring the Island of Avristar. I promise Lord Istar won’t catch you here, but you might have to take your own journey to the Great Oak one day . . . is that me hinting at quizzes? Yes! You might also get to find out what flame you’d be . . . but that’s coming later!

And if you’re not one of the kinfolk, please become one, we host the best fire festivals during Samhain and Beltane.

Also, you’re not allowed to swim in the lake, and the waterfall is forbidden because of the merfolk. The stories say they’ll pull you to a watery grave.

Also, a shout out to BloggingBellaDesigns from Terra, none of this wouldn’t be possible without her genius!


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