Hey All!

There was a blizzard and I might not be able to get home because the snow melted and added to the flood that was already encroaching upon my coming out.

Friday was a long day, we were up at 6am, and we got out of the city by 7:30am, passed the border by 8:30am, and then got into a little trouble hitting Grand Forks. There was already a detour set up, which is great because I have to see how many more of them I get to drive through today.

It also began snowing, and the roads got slushy and everyone began driving 30 to 40mph. I found a semi that was booking it and followed him. That worked and we managed to stay on task.

When I got in, they gave the hotel the wrong name for me, but got my name right in the program guide. I also got a prime spot in the vendor’s room, I’m like the first table anyone sees, which is great. There aren’t that many other vendors here, maybe ten plus the three guests.

I didn’t sell much on Friday so for the first time ever I did readings in public. I was reading my clients online through my laptop so didn’t read the con attendees, but I did do readings! Ha, take that days off! The guy across from me enjoyed watching me work . . . which kinda worked for my whole persona out here being the author guest of honor and psychic guest all at once. A couple people came by and asked if I’m the psychic guest and um, yes, yes I am.

Nobody heckled me! Well okay ONE person heckled me and three people were prepared to tell him off on my behalf. That was happiness. He had some interesting words for me, including a comment about how he couldn’t make fun of my last name . . . I was so glad when he left.

PANELS! I did two panels on Saturday! At noon I had How to be Psychic which had a group of about 15 people, and they found me to be a wealth of knowledge. I just did an overview of Integrated Intuition, talked a bit about me and things that have happened to me and they found it entertaining.

They also bought books! Woot!

The second panel was about publishing and writing and my experiences as an aspiring writer. (This is a small convention I could have done a panel on anything!) So I talked a bit about indie publishing (because I published Integrated Intuition through CreateSpace) I talked about SURRENDER, rewriting SURRENDER, and rewriting it again, and getting a critique from Jennifer Laughran for it. My new advice for first time authors is to take their stupidest idea and turn that into a book FIRST, to find their voice, their style, their routine, and their schedule. Once they have that down, it’s all easy peasy to get through another book. Plus, if you can write one book, you can do it again, and again, and again. It’s like riding a bike, but you need to practice first before you can really take off the training wheels. It was poorly attended, but the 3 people there truly enjoyed my words . . . (ha words)

Saturday ended out with me as a costume contest judge and a bunch of fun and today is featuring Harry Potter, Butterbeer, Wand Making and Owl Making, which sounds pretty cool. I’m at my table for a few hours taking whatever calls come and hoping people pick stuff up so I don’t have to cart it back to Canada.

All in all, Corecon has been a great for my first time as a guest, and I’m really glad they had me!

Will be back for next week’s normal shenanigans . . .


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  • Natasha M. Heck says:

    People had nothing, but lots of great things to say about you from both attendees and our staff. Thanks for coming down and I am glad that you made it back home safe and sound. It was great seeing you and congrats on your first convention here in the States. Woot!

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