CORECON: Myth & Magic: The BEFORE Report

My biggest concern is getting across the border with my table display and stuff to sell without them asking WTH is this.

My second big concern is the condition of the roads and all the detours, and whether or not it’ll take four hours or six hours to get there. I’m betting on five and a half at this point.

I am also worried about whether or not people will show up to my panels and if they’ll like them or not. I also have no idea what I’m talking about in those panels, I didn’t make up cue cards or anything because I’m not prepared like that. This way, not having expectations I can plan for the group that shows up and we can expand on topics from there.

I hope nobody asks me anything that a) makes me rant b) makes me preachy c) makes me look stupid.

Otherwise this weekend should be fun. I’m coming with books, tarot decks and I’ll be signing them of course and handing out business cards.

I might be blogging or writing articles if I have internet access.

I’ll definitely be tweeting and taking pics with my iphone.

See you all there!