Concert Review: Straight No Chaser

5 out of 5 Stars

Review: This was the best valentine’s day present ever! Straight No Chaser is an accapella boy band comprised of 10 guys who do everything from sing soprano, to bass, to beat boxing. Their eclectic taste in music allows them to sing a wide variety of genres both pop, jazz, and even some funk. Thanks for the Stayin’ Alive/Superstition Mash Up. They’re kinda like Gleeks only way cooler because of their 60% polyester and 40% “shine” suits. Really, these guys have been kicking it since 1996, and were rediscovered by Atlantic Records in 2008 because of a You Tube video that went viral. They’ve been touring ever since and their shows have been selling out everywhere.

I went to the show on Monday night because I’ve been listening to the group since 2001, back when I was in high school, singing in a vocal jazz group called Maple Sugar. Our director, Ms. Dorothy Dyck introduced us to the band, and I believe we watched their concert footage from 1998 back then. I remember going onto Kazaa and Limewire trying to find and download their songs. They weren’t professionally recorded then so it was the only way to get their sound.

The concert tickets were bought as a solstice present for me, by my husband, but he told me to bring a friend, someone who could get wild and crazy with me in a crowd. He really wasn’t willing. And boy were we rowdy! There was constant clapping, laughing, whistling, wooting and more going on throughout the show.

The guys were hilarious, especially Jerome with his dance moves. He pulled out the Michael Jackson moves and did them like it was nobody’s business. The choreographed dance moves made the show both hilarious and entertaining. I found myself laughing out loud at so many moments it was great.

The coolest part about this show was that they didn’t do any of the christmas material they have been promoting since 2008. The video that went viral was The 12 Days of Christmas, and because of that, they produced 2 Christmas albums. I suppose everyone thought that they couldn’t carry on doing pop tunes and things that were more current.

Well let me give you the list of a few of the most memorable numbers from the show.

Heard it through the Grapevine – Marvin Gay
Come Together – Beatles
Stayin Alive / Supersition – Beegees / Stevie Wonder
Billie Jean / Poison – Michael Jackson / Bell Biv DeVoe
Fix You – Coldplay
I’m Yours / Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Jason Mraz / Judy Garland
The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Africa – Toto
In the Still of the Night
Just Dance / Paparazzi / Bad Romance / Poker Face – Lady Gaga

In my opinion, 10 guys who can pull off Lady Gaga Accapella are the most awesome group in the world. That was both unexpected and absolutely amazing!

And in case you don’t believe me, here’s the you tube video of the Lady Gaga performance, from another of their stops on the tour.

Lastly, go buy their new album, With a Twist, it’s amazing, just like them! I hope they stick around in the music business for a long time because their voices, their style, their humor and their on stage presence is just so strong that it would be sad to see them go away!


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